The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 33.1

Jiang Shining did not believe she was the type of mother capable of raising children. At least, more than three children are too difficult to manage, and so many children have to be raised individually.    

Which one isn’t raised wholeheartedly? So she determined that as long as it isn’t a question of principle, she won’t get involved.

These kids have grown up and should be self-sufficient!

Jiang Shining returned to the master bedroom after putting Guoguo to bed.

She was in a good mood because she was going on vacation to a private island and fell asleep after a short while.

When she fell asleep, her sleeping consciousness appeared faintly at the bureau of book repairing authority, with the familiar robots and bookshelves as tall as the sky in front of her once more.

Jiang Shining had almost completely forgotten about the Authority. “Say, what is it again?” she replied coldly, looking left and right.

The robots regarded her as a high-level book fixer, and the robot in charge of transferring missions to Jiang Shining at the time swooped over, stroking its metallic claws.

“Do you recall our previous agreement, Ms. Jiang Shining? You came to solve the problem of the many tiny novels in this world, and we have returned the favor by bringing your children back to life in this world.” The robot then replied, with a mournful expression, “But because this universe is free to develop, we did not expect……”

“What did you not expect?”

” Your children. Originally, they were all supporting characters and villains, but for some reason, after we checked again, they now appear to all have the main character’s destiny. The aura of the main character is too overwhelming,” the robot said, “Resulting in the plot and characters that need to be resolved in those numerous novels being unable to approach you.”

In other words, Jiang Shining, who was surrounded by different protagonists, couldn’t overlap, couldn’t intersect, and couldn’t naturally activate the storylines to solve the clichés of those various novels.

She had always thought of herself as a supporting character and never imagined such a day would come.

The robots were a little regretful because Jiang Shining is already incredibly powerful after reaching five lives. If Ninglu Media continued to develop, Jiang Shining, the boss, would naturally have no way of clashing with the lousy characters of the entertainment industry’s novels, and her children, who she had grown from cannon fodder to protagonists, were much too powerful.

If the entire world is reset, Jiang Shining, who is surrounded by many protagonists, is no longer qualified for the goal.

Unless the entire world is being reset, Jiang Shining, who is surrounded by many protagonists, is no longer suitable for the mission.

“So, what exactly do you want?” Jiang Shining raised her eyebrows.

  There was no way the robots would destroy everything Jiang Shining had now just to send her on a mission.

The robot groaned and then stated, “Because the difficulty level of this world is quite low, the directorate will send a beginner book fixer to complete these small novels for you, and after she completes the jobs, she will then proceed to other worlds. You, as a senior, will contribute to its upkeep.”

Jiang Shining was skeptical that these robots could be so compassionate.

“Do I have anything else to do?”

The robots appeared to be becoming more friendly.

“Of course, Ms. Jiang Shining, you are free to retire and live your own life. I wish you a wonderful night and a happy family.”

—Thank you very much!

Jiang Shining’s consciousness faded, and she drifted into a deep sleep, only to awaken at daylight.

Jiang Shining sat on the edge of the bed after waking up in the morning. She gradually recalled the episode from the night before… Excellent. She is not afraid of people or public opinion, but she is concerned about the administration above her head.

She can put her heart down because the robots say so. Let that newbie experience with this world’s various domineering president style and showbiz style novels when she comes. She believed that the task would be easy to do and that it might be viewed as gaining experience in preparation for other worlds.

Jiang Shining arrived downstairs and discovered that the two brothers who had argued the day before had reconciled.

Jing Xuan was in the kitchen making breakfast with his sleeves rolled up, while Jing Yuan was seated on the sofa with Guoguo in his arms, helping her brush her hair.

“Why am I still cooking if I pay you every month?” Jing Xuan said as he washed his hands.

Jing Yuan pretended not to hear while gently combing Guoguo’s hair. He first tied a little section of her hair with an elastic band, then tied another outside the previous elastic band, and then asked her with a cardboard box full of hairpins.

“Which do you prefer?”

Jing Yuan put an apple hairpin on Guoguo’s head when she pointed to it with her little finger.

Because ancient males used to knot their hair, Jing Yuan was very skilled at tying a girl’s hair.

He reached out to the small girl and tugged her hair after tying it.

“Guoguo, which brother do you like the most?” He inquired.

“Jing Xuan,” Guoguo stated emphatically.

Jing Xuan and she had spent the most time together.

Jing Xuan hooked the corners of his mouth and slowly picked the vegetables clean as he heard this.

“Oh.” Jing Yuan was not angry; instead, he raised his head to stare at Jing Xuan’s back and asked, “Jing Xuan, which brother do you like the most?”

Jing Xuan:…

How did Jing Yuan get such a thick face? He is his only sibling.

“You.” Jing Xuan almost said, in a perfunctory, childlike way.

“Did you hear that, Guoguo?” Jing Yuan lowered his head once again to delicately touch Guoguo’s chin. “You like Jing Xuan, and Jing Xuan like me. So it’s the same. You’re the one who likes me the most.”

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