The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 33.2

“Did you hear that, Guoguo?” Jing Yuan lowered his head once again to delicately touch Guoguo’s chin. “You like Jing Xuan, and Jing Xuan like me. So it’s the same. You’re the one who likes me the most.”

–What kind of logic is this?

Guoguo raised her head, baffled by Jing Yuan’s answer.

Originally, it was a pleasing image. But Jiang Shining always had the feeling that something was wrong… Until Jing Yuan started softly scratching Guoguo’s chin, she realized he was holding Guoguo like a cat.

Jiang Shining went down the steps, and Guoguo’s eyes immediately lit up.


Then she ran over, yelling and cheering.

Jiang Shining knelt and picked up Guoguo before turning to face Jing Yuan.

“Jing Yuan, you can’t play your sister like a cat, do you hear that?”

Jing Yuan innocently spread his hands.

Surprisingly, there were so many princes in the previous life, and while some loved to keep hunting hounds and others wanted to ride horses, only Jing Yuan liked cats. However, most cat lovers are female. Because it sounds extremely unmasculine to like cats, no one knows about it except Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan.

“Everything is ready. We can leave by plane today,” Jing Xuan said when the meal was ready.

“Delay for one more day.” Jiang Shining said, “I have to go to the company today.”

Although Jing Xuan did not understand why she needed to make a temporary visit to the company, he still nodded.

Jiang Shining had a suspicion in her heart that robots were not the type of beings that revealed to her their plans a year and a week in advance. Since they had come to her yesterday, they would only ask for her help once everything was in order.

Jiang Shining received a call from her secretary shortly after eating and getting into the car.

“Boss, Wu Ren, the artist economic department’s agent, recently contacted me and said he had found an amateur female with a decent foundation. I asked whether you would like to meet.”

Because Jiang Shining checks the quality of the artist, there aren’t many artists at Ninglu Media. She makes her decision after meeting with each artist and trainee in person.

Jiang Shining understood as soon as she heard it that it was inseparable from the plotline.

“Give her two hours to come visit me.”

Two hours later, Jiang Shining reclined back in the boss chair to study the documents, and the office door was knocked.


A young girl entered by pushing the door open. With little makeup, she appeared to be approximately 18 or 19 years old, yet she was incredibly charming and lovely. It’s the kind of beauty that makes them feel pretty at first glance, but the more they think about it, the more beautiful and temperamental it becomes.

She walked in, saw Jiang Shining, and appropriately bowed.


She was, indeed, a newcomer in the book.

Jiang Shining nodded lightly. She glanced at the girl as if she were looking at herself, and she felt relieved.

“In this world, your name is Zhao Muyu.”

“Yes.” She introduced herself with a generous nod. “My real name is Zou Yu, and I was twenty years old when I arrived. I am now nineteen years old. I’ve been training in the Authority’s simulation environment for three months, and here is my first task.”

People who wear books are essentially people who die, and those who wish to live the most will be chosen. Jiang Shining was only twenty-two years old when she died, and her death occurred in the most ordinary way: A car accident. It’s have been a few lifetimes ago now.

Zou Yu is very young, and behind her smile is a heavy past of death.

“In this world, there is no obstacle. The plots you wish to solve are usually love romances for newcomers. There are no dangers to life, only emotional entanglements, so you can confidently hone your acting talents. You will become adept gradually,” Jiang Shining stated.

Wu Yu smiled and nodded.

“I’m going to study hard, and then I’m going to the difficult world for the next one.”

All worlds are split into levels, and the distinction between them is whether the world’s reality and harshness are high. The characters here will also have more typical personalities, making it more difficult to attack. In a high-level world, you can retire and regain the chance to live after crossing five times, and this kind of small white text world basically needs to grind ten worlds and twenty worlds.

It takes several years to a few decades for one world to finish and it is too long to enter 10 worlds. though it is safe, few people are willing to put up with it.

Overall, Zou Yu’s objective must be related to the entertainment industry, and Jiang Shining’s only responsibility is to promote her in the entertainment industry. In terms of whether to change jobs or make movies in the future, Zou Yu and the Administration will make their own decisions, and she won’t need to intervene too much.

If Zou Yu completes the task, the chaos in this world will be pruned like branches and leaves, leaving a better world in its place. Jiang Shining naturally welcomes people to do this kind of thing.

 The face job is still needed, and the two signed a contract.

“Who is your mission’s objective this time?” Jiang Shining recalled and inquired.

“There are several, since it is simple.” Zou Yu stated, “There is one person in the entertainment industry, a domineering president, and a campus. This type of mixed world is far too uncommon. The robot stated that I could finish the tasks of the entertainment industry and the domineering president at the same time and then go to campus.”

Jiang Shining nodded and handed her the contract.

“I’ll set everything up here. Just give me a call if you need anything. “

Jiang Shining’s attitude suddenly improved as Zou Yu nodded obediently. And she had someone to call her successor, so she could retire and live her life in peace.

The author has something to say: Everything is well-organized [ok].

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