Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 26


After Zhou Linna had left, Zhou Meiqin answered the phone and gave the person on the other end of the line the room number.

Gu Weiwei sat there, her eyes closed. Tiansheng Media’s Wang Dong was a well-known old pervert in the gossip tabloids.

He really enjoys playing with teenage girls. There have been reports of young models who have just made their debuts getting wounded or committing suicide because of him.

After Zhou Meiqin took everything from the Mu family, she still wanted to put her to this kind of scheming.

A few minutes later, the room’s doorbell rang, and Zhou Meiqin excitedly opened it.

“Mr. Wang, you’ve arrived.”

A man in his forties with a beer belly1.

followed Zhou Meiqin into the room and looked over at Gu Weiwei on the sofa.

He prefers this type of attractive and pure chick, which is rare in the entertainment industry.

Originally, he had fallen in love with Li Xiner of the Li family, but he did not know that they would prepare him for a stunner a hundred times more attractive than Li Xiner.

Zhou Meiqin saw Wang Dong’s sought expression and knew he was pleased with her arrangement, so she said.

“Mr. Wang, since you’re happy, let’s work with Longsheng…”

“Mrs. Li is really attentive, so don’t be concerned. The contract for this project will be signed tomorrow in collaboration with your Longsheng Group.”

Wang Dong’s eyes were greedy for Gu Weiwei, and he couldn’t stop himself from touching the girl’s slim thigh with one hand.

The girl is the same age as a flower and is stunning from head to toe.

Gu Weiwei was wearing jeans today, but although she was wearing pants, she felt nauseous to the point of puking.

Zhou Meiqin could sign the contract the next day; as soon as she heard it, she thanked Wang Dong and said another sentence.

“Mr. Wang, the little girl Xiner wants to be in the film. Could you help her? Our Xiner has just become quite popular, and as you know, Mr. Wang, she will undoubtedly win an award for her role in this film……”

This film is made by a well-known director who has won multiple awards. If Xin Er plays the heroine, the award is a foregone conclusion.

With the Longsheng Group’s vital cooperation, the Li family will soon be able to rank among the imperial capital’s elites.

Yue Fangju’s wealthy and influential family members always thought she was underrated.

They would beg her to join her circle once he had agreed to cooperate.

“I’ll meet with the director as soon as possible. Miss Li is unquestionably the heroine.”

Wang Dong, who was in a good mood, agreed.

“Many thanks for your trouble, Mr. Wang Dong.” Zhou Meiqin smiled ingratiatingly, her eyes knife-like as she looked at Gu Weiwei.

“Don’t be so self-willed, Weiwei. Compared to being homeless outside, you can live with President Wang and have access to infinite food and clothing. Nobody else can ask for such a chance.”

“What are you doing to yourself when you have such a wonderful opportunity? Is your daughter coming?”

Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth. Her eyes were cold and piercing, like ice.

To deceive her here, and put medication in the wine because she wanted her to trade contracts with Longsheng Group as well as film resources for Li Xiner.

It is hard for her to eat, and yet they get the benefits. The plan is wonderful.

Wang Dong had long winked at Zhou Meiqin, suggesting that she should leave quickly and not get in his way.

“Then I’ll wait for President Wang’s wonderful news tomorrow.”

Zhou Meiqin was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to tell her beautiful daughter the good news.

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  1. A man’s fat stomach caused by heavy beer consumption.

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