Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 27


Wang Dong’s shouts rang out in the room before she could reach the door.

Zhou Meiqin hurriedly turned back, and the girl who had before shown little resistance was now grasping Wang Dong’s hair and shoving him against the wall.

Wang Dong had been beaten in the head with blood, and his eyes turned over before he collapsed.

“Dong Wang? Dong Wang?”

Zhou Meiqin knelt on the ground and called out to Wang Dong, who had completely passed out while glaring at Gu Weiwei, who was inflicting pain on him.

“Do you realize how important he is? Do you suggest that your entire family will suffer alongside you?”

They worked hard to get connected with Wang Dong, and now she has ruined everything.

“If you want me to suffer, then everyone else must suffer as well.”

Gu Weiwei took out a tissue and wiped the blood from her hands slowly.

Because she was kidnapped as a child, the Gu family hired a martial arts teacher to teach her self-defense so she could escape danger.

But for so many years, Gu’s house had bodyguards, and even if she sneaked out, her master was with her.

The martial arts that she learned were never used, but they can now be considered beneficial.

“You… Didn’t you finish that glass of wine?”

Zhou Meiqin glanced at her with clear eyes, not as if she had just been drugged.

She saw with her own eyes what she drank through the door’s crack. She couldn’t have had the strength to punch someone with the amount she drank.

“I drank it, but I vomited it out.”

She was certain that Zhou Linna would not have great motives. She sipped the wine in front of her just to let her guard down, then turned around and vomited it out in the restroom.

Even though she threw up her food, they revealed their real colors when she came out.

Zhou Linna couldn’t stop her at first, even if she merely wanted to take her things and flee.

But she chose to stay and see what tricks they were up to.

They assumed Mu Weiwei had no relatives and could be at their mercy, but she was not Mu Weiwei who could be slain.

Zhou Meiqin couldn’t help but be afraid as she peered into the girl’s devilish eyes.

“Given that you are now homeless, I have graciously found you a suitable place to live. You dare to injure people if you don’t appreciate it?”

“Really?” Gu Weiwei sneered as she approached, one step at a time.

“Mrs. Li, you have a big heart.”

Gu Weiwei kicked Zhou Meiqin as she tried to open the door and call for help in the inner bedroom.

Gu Weiwei looked around the room at the different s*x toys on the bed, took up a pair of handcuffs, and giggled while playing.

“Mrs. Li is so thoughtful of me. Of course, I have to offer you something in return.”

She shoved Zhou Meiqin onto the bed, shackled her to the bed’s head, and took the other one. Her other handcuff was bound to the other side by the handcuffs.

Although Zhou Meiqin is older, she has been spoiled for so long that she is powerless to resist.

“What are you doing, Mu Weiwei? Your father will not let you go if you continue to embarrass yourself.”

“He is no longer my father since he rolled into the same bed as you. Don’t call him my father. My godmother is you, but you are not disgusting in your own nature, but you disgust me.”

Gu Weiwei got out of bed, tightened the handcuffs, and went to grab a pair of scissors to sit next to Zhou Meiqin.

Zhou Meiqin trembled in horror as she glanced at the deadly scissors in her hand, insisting on her innocence.

“I never requested the Mu family to help me; everything was done by your Mu family. Your father and I love each other. We wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t want to damage your mother…”

“Sl*t is deserving of the dog. May you always have true love.”

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