Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 28


Gu Weiwei talked as she gently cut open Zhou Meiqin’s pricey custom clothing, revealing her plump body piece by piece.

All that was left was a pair of lace panties at the end.

“Please, Mu Weiwei, stop!”

“Please hurry up and stop for me, help, come here, help…”

When Zhou Meiqin realized something was wrong, she became terrified and called out for help intermittently.

She forgot, unfortunately, that she had particularly arranged a suite with the best sound insulation to prevent Mu Weiwei from calling out Wang Dong and causing trouble.

As a result, she broke her own throat, and no one heard her cries for help.

Mu Weiwei left her, then went outside to carry the fainted Wang Dong inside. It took a lot of effort to get him on the bed and allow him to lie directly on Zhou Meiqin’s body.

Zhou Meiqin sank and shouted, but she couldn’t push the obese and greasy man away since she was shackled.

Gu Weiwei took out her phone and photographed the men and women in ambiguous postures on the bed, not forgetting to pose for them a few more times.

Zhou Meiqin was terrified; she cried so hard that her makeup came off and her voice turned raspy.

As a result, she begins to save herself.

“Weiwei, let me go. I’ll let you go home and study well. Haven’t you always wanted to study in Italy? We all guarantee you…”

Gu Weiwei took her clothing off, wiped her crying flower makeup off her face, and grinned cruelly.

“For many years, my mother was fooled by your awful acting abilities. On the surface, you were her best friend, but you covertly conspired with Li Jiacheng to take the Mu family’s property. You still think I’ll trust you and let you go?”

“I’m serious; if you don’t like Wang Dong, I won’t make you. Anyway, I’ve watched you grow up, and I held you when I was a child…”

Zhou Meiqin realized that fighting was pointless, so she began to play the family card, hoping to soften her and convince her to let her go.

“The makeup is all gone. If Wang Dong sees it, he would be disappointed after a while,” Gu Weiwei said as she wiped the corners of her eyes.

“If something happens to me, Mu Weiwei, you lunatic, I will never let you go. Dong Wang would not let you go, so if you don’t want to die, give it a shot…”

When Zhou Meiqin heard her say that, she became enraged and gritted her teeth.

Gu Weiwei cautiously took Zhou Meiqin’s Hermes handbag and took the remaining half bag of drug powder.

“That’s what was in the wine.”

After speaking, she poured a glass of wine.

She poured the drug powder into the wine glass in front of Zhou Meiqin, shook it, and brought it to the bedside.

Zhou Meiqin shook her head in terror as she glanced at the cup in her hand, saying, “Take it away. I won’t drink it, I won’t drink it!”

“Don’t worry, such a nice thing. I’ll leave it to your most important guest.”

She grasped Wang Dong’s face and poured the wine mixed with drug powder down his throat.

Wang Dong awoke from the effects of the drinking. With one hand, he covered his damaged head, and with the other, he pointed to Gu Weiwei, who was standing near the bed.

“You wicked girl…”

“Mr. Wang, hurry up and take her!”

Wang Dong gazed at the speaker, and the woman’s plump figure fell into his eyes, causing his body to slam like a fire.

The drug’s effects started to kick in, and Wang Dong couldn’t care less about finding Gu Weiwei to settle debts.

He overturns Zhou Meiqin like a beast in heat.

Zhou Meiqin yelled in humiliation and split his eyes at Gu Weiwei, “Mu Weiwei, you must not die, you must die…”

“Enjoy this lovely evening, Mrs. Li.” Gu Weiwei sneered as she closed the door, collected the luggage, and exited the suite without looking back.

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