The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 37.1

It would be wonderful if she could renovate the dormitory.

In Xu Qiu’s dormitory, there was just one little bed. Although the robot could utilize the remaining scraps to construct a top bunk, the feeling of living with others was not pleasant.

It’s fine if the cubs squeeze with her, but not if the adults do.

The construction robots are already in place, and the gold coins required to upgrade them are not a major issue.

She now has a high character level. The gold coins she receives from tasks have increased slightly, and she frequently saves money. She never wastes money on extravagance and saves for the necessities. The gold coins will be there if she completes a few more tasks.

Xu Qiu has a problem: isn’t this currency exchange system strange?

“In the real exchange system, the gold coin ratio should be 1:10, not 10:1.”

Those cheating games will make you cry. Such a shameless krypton gold mode.

[It is, indeed, 10:1.]

The system has its own reason for doing this.

[Can items from real games be taken and used? You can make the items in the system mall into reality.]

At this moment, there is no method to use existing materials to construct the dormitories, and they must be obtained from the system’s inventory.

Considering the energy required for expansion and the materials used to construct the house, a house costs 10,000 gold, which is a great deal.

You will never find a more conscientious system anywhere in the world.

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    I think there’s an error here; “Mr. Jin Xingxing, I’d want to speak with you about making a fortune. blah blah blah.” Jin Xingxing was called Mr. instead of Ms./Mrs.


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