The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 37.2

Of course, with her long hands and feet now, she shouldn’t sleep with a little fox, but she can transform into a big fox at any time.

Xu Qiu just wanted to comply, but she shook her head when she thought of something.

“I don’t care about this matter. The dormitory is owned by other cubs. You can go to get the cubs’ opinions. You can sleep together tonight, but only tonight, if they all agree.”

Xu Qiu converted the recently transferred cash into system gold coins. She has already chosen a site on the virtual map for the new dormitory’s address.

The estimated time was displayed by the system. The dormitory would take a full 24 hours to construct, which meant Jin Xingxing could only stay for one night tonight.

Xu Qiu understands that the big fox misses his daughter, but she also needs to consider the feelings of the other cubs.

There is only one fox mother. They want a strong bond between mother and daughter, but they can’t risk breaking the hearts of the other cubs. Because this is a special day, Xu Qiu gave Jin Xingxing a chance.

“Thank you, principal; I’ll try to persuade them.”

Jin Xingxing transformed back into a big fox. She had noticed that Xu Qiu was more kind and polite to her in this shape than in her regular body.

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