The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 34.1

The family of four took a private plane to the private tropical island the next day after Jiang Shi Ning concluded the newcomer’s matters.

Guoguo was overjoyed, and Jiang Shi Ning was intrigued. She’d never visited a little island before. After several hours of travel, the plane finally landed on the island’s runway.

Guoguo was ecstatic from the moment she stepped off the plane, the tropical plants and sea in the background making her feel very foreign.

Jing Xuan held her back, even though she was already very energetic.

“Guoguo, let’s put on some sunblock lotion.” Jing Xuan said attentively.

Guoguo can only suppress her desire to go play and be dragged by Jing Xuan into a shaded area of the plane, and let him apply a sunblock lotion.

Jing Yuan, on the other hand, put on his sunglasses and even wore beach shorts and a T-shirt, but he still has the air of a domineering boss even when he is not traveling.

“Do you see the forests over there, Guoguo?” Jing Yuan attempted to scare his sister when Jing Xuan was applying sunblock to her. “There are huge monsters lurking in the woods! As big as tigers! They’ll eat you if you run in.”

Jing Xuan knew that Jing Yuan was employing the ‘scary’ tactic to keep Guoguo away from the woods, but he also felt helpless. Jing Yuan’s character began to gradually become sunnier and more talkative as his brother no longer bore the load of the previous life’s imperial dynasty and let go of his previous life’s resentment.

When he looked at Guoguo again, the little girl was not even terrified, only blinking her eyes.

“What’s so scary about big monsters and tigers?” she inquired softly, “Is brother afraid? Don’t worry, Guoguo will keep you safe!”

This surpassed Jing Yuan’s expectations. How can a young girl be so daring?

Jiang Shi Ning laughed softly.

“You guys grossly underestimated her. She was born in a post-apocalyptic world where, besides the tiger, zombies have nearly taken over the world, and she herself is a mutated human covered in hair. Only others are terrified of her,” Jiang Shi Ning stated.

It’s no surprise Guoguo isn’t afraid. How could a little girl who had been raised to fear monsters be terrified of them?

Both of the older boys were silent. Guoguo was the first to jump in position, unable to wait.


Jing Xuan smiled, nodded, and removed the tracking watch from his arms, delicately clasping it on the small girl’s wrist, before pushing her towards the beach.

Jiang Shi Ning couldn’t help but sigh. Jing Xuan is far too delicate and worry-free.

She turned her head to see Jing Yuan still standing to the side, wearing a casual beach suit, but despite wearing sunglasses, his physique still displayed a thoughtful air that was completely mismatched with his clothes.

“What are you thinking about, Lord Jing Yuan?” Jiang Shi Ning made a joke.

Jing Yuan slowed down, removed his sunglasses, and turned to face Jiang Shi Ning.

“So, both she and I were picked up? You just love to bring trouble home and raise them,” Jing Yuan stated quietly.

Jing Yuan is sensitive and paranoid, and Guoguo reminded him of himself and Jiang Shi Ning. Guoguo is too young to understand, but Jing Yuan can understand for her what it’s like to be on the edge.

He couldn’t help but think that if it hadn’t been for Jiang Shi Ning, these individuals would have died horribly, just like in the original plot.

In this sense, Jiang Shi Ning is not only their mother but also their savior – their original life would have been awful without her.

Jiang Shi Ning gazed at Jing Yuan as she sighed silently.

“Stop ruminating on what I pick up or don’t pick up.” She softly stated, “If I must be serious, none of you are truly my children; I am simply filling your mother’s job. Do you still not get it? Jing Yuan, you and I are indistinguishable to this day.”

Jing Yuan’s heart trembled.

He had been upset by the knowledge that he was not Jiang Shi Ning’s biological kid. Because she was not his biological mother, he was constantly reminded of it, and at times felt inferior, because he felt he had robbed Jing Xuan’s mother and the throne.

Jiang Shi Ning would still be the same nice mother if it weren’t for him, and her son, Jing Xuan, would be a fine emperor.

His eyes were slightly sunken, but he didn’t show a single thought in his heart. However, he felt a little itch on his palm when Jiang Shi Ning reached out and grabbed his hand.

Jing Yuan froze as his eyelids opened slightly. He walked at Jiang Shi Ning’s speed, and the two of them moved steadily forward. She clutched him in the same way as Jing Xuan clutched Guoguo.

“Pushing you as Emperor was a mission that I had to complete.” The sluggish voice of Jiang Shi Ning rang in his ears. “You were the only person who had the bravery to stand up to Chou Haoli at the time. Jing Xuan’s character was meek, and he couldn’t stand up to the emperor. Jing Yuan, it’s just you.”

Jiang Shi Ning gave him a look.

“You owe no one anything. You were destined to succeed Haoli. So, don’t think about the past anymore, okay?”

Jing Yuan’s heart was pounding, and he nodded quietly.

“I have troubled mother.” He said in a low voice.

Jing Yuan had resolved to stand in front of his mother like a man in this life, but how had he ended up as a teenager who required Jiang Shi Ning’s admonition to comfort him again?

“Besides, all of that is from a past life.” Jiang Shi Ning murmured, “Everything about Chou Haoli is out of the ordinary. In this life, we have the opportunity to start afresh. Doesn’t it have nothing to do with the past?”

Jing Yuan’s dark eyes finally brightened up as he heard these remarks.

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