The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 38.1

Xu Qiu gave the mother and daughter time to mend their relationship on the first day after signing the contract. Xu Qiu used a loudspeaker to wake the cubs up early the next morning.

Originally, this job had been delegated to the robot helpers, but they were still working outside the kindergarten, so Xu Qiu had to rise earlier than normal.

Last night, the young fox talked with her new mother before falling asleep. When she was roused up in the morning, she rubbed her eyes in confusion.

The big fox was very distressed: “Why don’t you ask for leave today? Don’t go?”

Lily’s eyes shone with joy, but when she noticed the other cubs were gone, she leaped up and said, “No, hurry up. If you are late, I will ignore you.”

Jin Xing was taken aback as she saw the cubs finish brushing their teeth and washing their cheeks with the whistle in a neat and attractive manner.

“All right, let’s head into the classroom for some breakfast.”

“Mr. Jin Xingxing, come here, I have something to tell you,” Xu Qiu said, putting down her whistle and looking at the big fox.

Jin Xingxing watched Lily enter the classroom before turning around and following Xu Qiu to the yard.

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  1. mumu_shin

    “I know I’m wrong, okay…okay principle.” Here also and the past few chapters… Instead of principal, principle was used… Just saying…


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