I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 40.3

Director: I discovered a treasure, I discovered a treasure.

You Qiuqiu has also joined the TV series promotion phase.

Previously, the modern drama’s publicity had little to do with her, and it was also tied to the fact that You Qiuqiu didn’t have many scenes. You Qiuqiu now plays female No. 3, and the director may be inclined to take her to the publicity because of a series of magical operations performed by You Qiuqiu that have had unforeseen repercussions on the drama’s promotion.

Today, You Qiuqiu went to participate in the recording of a program as instructed by the director.

The show is called “Celebrity Confrontation,” and many actors and actresses from dramas and films will come here to brush up on their appearances before the official broadcast of their show, which is an excellent opportunity to brush up on their faces.

“Interview?” asked You Qiuqiu. She was a fan of TV shows, and hearing the name reminded her of an interview show.

She enjoys the talk show. All she needs to do is sit there, hoping that the sofa over there is softer.

Then she noticed the conversation in the fan support club.

“Qiuqiu is going to Celebrity Confrontation. Isn’t she just going to run and play games?”

You Qiuqiu:?

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