I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 40.4

And You Qiuqiu heard the entire story from Xingqiu’s mouth as well.

The fans that are blocking the door are from various families, and they are all-star fans who have come to participate in today’s Celebrity Confrontation.

Unlike other programs, the audience quota is drawn from the star fans who appear in each episode, and it is equally equal. For instance, if star A has 20 fans who can enter the scene, there are also 20 fans of B star’s fans, and so on.

“We were all chosen as Xingqiu, but when we arrived, the staff only permitted some of the Xingqiu to enter, while the rest were stopped.”

“Not only the Xingqiu but also other fans, have been occupied.” Xingqiu pointed to a huge group of people not far away, who were also holding flags and light signs with the names of various stars written on them. “That’s why we thought of discussing with Zhou Yi’s fans to achieve justice, but we didn’t expect…” they deliberately mocked and pushed people.

Xingqiu does not want to discuss this with Qiu Cub because they are worried about creating trouble for Qiu Cub.

But having said that, You Qiuqiu has already speculated.

She noticed Zhou Yi’s fan, who had taken the lead in shoving others, was about to enter the building. “Apologies,” she said as she stepped forward to stop her.

Apologies to Xingqiu that was knocked down.

Zhou Yi’s fan, the person who pushed the person, refused to apologize. She didn’t seem bothered by the fact that she had just pushed someone. However, because You Qiuqiu is a star and there was also a show team member next to her, she grudgingly came at the urging of the person next to her after a while.

“I’m sorry.”

You Qiuqiu negotiated with the gate staff who reviewed the entrance qualifications after watching the pusher apologize to Xingqiu, who was pushed down.

Why is there such a situation? Why not allow Xingqiu and the other eligible celebrity fans to enter?

The staff was hesitant to say anything, but they still did not let anyone in, although they did let Zhou Yi’s extra fans in.

The program team’s staff came over to smooth things out and finally said it directly.

“Don’t be too hard on us, Qiuqiu. Zhou Yi has a backer. If she wants her fans to come in, and we don’t have much of a choice…”

You Qiuqiu has always known that there are unspoken rules in all aspects of life, and she has witnessed many of them.

She was simply an escort. Someone with background would go through the motions, and the roles would be theirs without even going through the motions, no matter how hard she tried to prepare or how seriously she went to audition.

You Qiuqiu is used to it. She is not angry; she is used to being too lazy to be angry.

However, this unspoken rule fell on her fans, making You Qiuqiu feel that she could not be as calm as before.

“Qiuqiu it’s all right.”

“Qiuqiu, you are too warm. Mama loves you!”

After seeing You Qiuqiu’s action, Xingqiu was flushed with joy.

They can’t stand seeing You Qiuqiu worried about them. What a joke. Their daughter only needs to be a happy sand sculpture girl, and they want to protect her from the wind and rain.

The fact that You Qiuqiu will run over to protect them today, and will even ask Zhou Yi’s fans to apologize to the girl who was shoved down, exceeds their expectations.

You should realize that their daughter is the least likely to argue with others.

Mama’s tears were meaningless to her hardworking daughter.

Xingqiu, who was scolded by Zhou Yi’s fans and pushed to the ground, was in a foul mood at first, but they are now in a better attitude.

When the rest of the fans who were turned away witnessed this situation, they were a little envious, wondering if their elder brother (sister) knew they were being held outside.

You Qiuqiu, also realized that arguing with the staff was pointless. They were also social animals that earned money to do things like her, so You Qiuqiu didn’t make it difficult for them.

She inquired whether the toppled Xingqiu was injured and whether the Xingqiu could wave her hand repeatedly. You Qiuqiu also requested that she stretch out her hand and show it to her.

Xingqiu that was carefully observed by You Qiuqiu: So happy!

In fact, there was an injury, but only the skin was scratched, and Jiang Tao took the initiative to go to the adjacent pharmacy and buy medicine.

You Qiuqiu: “I’ll go.”

You Qiuqiu, aware of the ambiguity, and corrected the sentence, “I’ll go buy it.”

Then a group of people enters the pharmacy, hoping to catch up with Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu purchased medicine, applied it to the Xingqiu, and after some thought, she puffed out her cheeks and blew thrice on the wound. When she realized that everyone was staring at her, You Qiuqiu stated, “My mother told that blowing at the painful place will make it less painful.”

She doesn’t know if it’s a psychological effect, but You Qiuqiu thought that the symptoms were relieved after each blow from childhood to adulthood.

“Wow, it’s great, it really doesn’t hurt!” exclaimed the blown Xingqiu, nodding in accord.

You Qiuqiu thought she answered too quickly, and that she was being set up.

Jiang Tao whispered to You Qiuqiu not to delay any longer, because the recording would be delayed.

You Qiuqiu asked everyone to return, not just to Xingqiu, but also to the fans of other stars, who are unable to enter today.

Everyone answered, but You Qiuqiu could tell by their actions that they were going to wait until the end of the recording.

You Qiuqiu couldn’t wait any longer and said to Xingqiu, “I will take the first place.”

However, the Xingqiu all showed their disapproving expressions.

“Don’t be first.”

“Qiu Cub, don’t change yourself for us. Be yourself!”

You Qiuqiu, “…” Just be yourself, a salted fish, right?

You Qiuqiu accompanied the show team’s staff to the backstage area of the show. Everyone else, according to the assistant director, had come. You Qiuqiu can now go to the dressing room to make up.

You Qiuqiu asked, “Is Zhou Yi here too? Where is she now?”

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