The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 38.2

Cubs have excellent self-discipline and mobility. She is deeply embarrassed as an adult.

When she noticed that no one was moving, Xu Qiu took the initiative to applaud.

The audience erupted into thunderous applause as soon as she clapped her hands.

“Do well and you will be treated like this in the future,” Xu Qiu said as she looked at Jin Xingxing.

She didn’t instantly sense the sincerity of the cubs on her first visit, and it took a long time to see people’s hearts.

The awkwardness in the air was broken by warm applause.

Jin Xingxing was motioned to the back of the classroom by Xu Qiu. She couldn’t go to class right away because she was an intern teacher. She should learn her procedures first. Xu Qiu would still be there as a senior when Jin Xingxing began the formal class. She would observe from behind and put the other party’s teaching results to the test.

In any case, Jin Xingxing, who had been taught a lesson, took her notebook and pen and sat in the back row, listening intently.

Given Jin Xingxing’s profession, Xu Qiu intends to introduce performance classes in the future. Music and art can also be given to the big fox.

Her physical strength isn’t all that great, and the big fox can also take over as the physical education teacher.

Xu Qiu drew back her gaze: “Okay, let’s get started with the class. Today is the final lesson, Pony Crossing the River.”

Many of the stories intended for children are, in fact, entertaining.

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