The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 35.2

Every child with a sibling has probably wondered at some point: Who is the mother’s favorite child? Is it them, or is it the other sibling?

This is a question that Jing Xuan and Jing Yuan have pondered in the past. When it was revealed that Jiang Shining had children from other worlds, it was as if their mother had suddenly been keeping a dog outside. She definitely prefers children from other worlds. It’s unclear who the cub at home is or who the dog outside is.

They both sulked at the possibility of this mess.

“Otherwise, we can give it our best play on our respective advantages.” Jing Xuan looked up after a few while and added, “You’ll be responsible for performing tricks and causing difficulty to attract attention.”


Jing Yuan couldn’t say anything. “Is this the image I’m showing you? Then you’re in charge of privately crying while pretending to be strong.”

After a period of staring at one another, they both gave up.

It was far too childish.

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