Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 33


Fu Shiqin arrived an hour later and stood by the bed for ten minutes, staring at her.

Then a question was asked.

“How did you stir my brother’s feelings?”

He stopped the bleeding and treated the wound after she cut her hand yesterday morning.

He went to the Jinxiu Apartment this evening to take her to the hospital.

His own younger brother has never been treated in this manner, has he?

“I’m not interested in your brother,” Mu Weiwei said to the fool. 

“I’m not interested, yet you had him sleep with you when he returned from a drinking party?” Fu Shiqin laughed.

She deceived his brother in the past, but now that she isn’t interested in him, a ghost will believe it.

He Chi awoke in a daze as he heard someone enter.

He awoke rejuvenated after hearing what Fu Shiqin said.

“Did you really sleep?”

Mu Weiwei didn’t want to talk to these two anymore, so she slept with the quilt over her head.

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