I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 41.1

Outside, the assistant director did not know what was going on. He responded to You Qiuqiu with little thought.

“She’s also in the dressing room, that one.”

“Do you know each other?”

You Qiuqiu shook her head. She had no previous interaction with Zhou Yi.

“Oh. Then you are Zhou Yi’s fan, right?” The assistant director realized.

You Qiuqiu was stuffed into Zhou Yi’s fan group by the assistant director.

In the last two years, Zhou Yi has established a strong presence in major TV dramas. Although it is not a hit, the parts she plays are compassionate and considerate due to her gorgeous face. There is a good viewership and a variety of dramas.

You, Qiuqiu: “…” Not a fan either.

The assistant director then told her, “There is still time now. You can go there and ask for an autograph and a photo or whatever, but you must do it quickly.”

You Qiuqiu said nothing else and followed the assistant director’s instructions to the dressing room. Jiang Tao had just gone to the restroom. She realized You Qiuqiu went to find Zhou Yi as she walked out of the bathroom and asked the worker next to her.

Jiang Tao:!!!

What is Qiuqiu doing to find Zhou Yi?


If she had known, she would never have gone to the restroom.


You Qiuqiu have never fought with anyone since she was an adult.

She has a lazy personality, and even if someone takes the initiative to challenge her, she rarely responds.

It was different this time. It was her fans who were bullied, not her. You Qiuqiu felt compelled to stand.

Her attitude towards Zhou Yi is not impolite. Everyone is now a civilized person. She primarily wishes to ask clearly and politely.

In Zhou Yi’s dressing room, there are makeup artists and a few staff members who are packing things for Zhou Yi. You Qiuqiu knocked on the door and asked whether she was inside. Then she began negotiating with Zhou Yi after she reported herself in.

You Qiuqiu began by discussing the outside scene in general and asking Zhou Yi if she was aware of it and if she was aware that her extra fans had occupied the places where the rest of the star fans should have entered.

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t know. She could tell Zhou Yi now, hoping that Zhou Yi can deal with it and make sure the remaining fans who should have been admitted normally can come inside.

Otherwise, it’s not fair, and it’s not fair to the other people who could have come in.

She still believes Zhou Yi is a reasonable person, and she can take the initiative to solve it after she makes it clear about the situation. She hopes the rest of the fans who have to stand outside can enjoy normal rights and interests and that Zhou Yi should apologize to the rest of the fans who were blocked by her fans.

Even though You Qiuqiu is reasonable, some people will not listen to her. Fans can scold others arrogantly and domineeringly because their celebrities support it.

When You Qiuqiu spoke, Zhou Yi was still wearing makeup and didn’t look her in the eyes.

She averted her gaze when You Qiuqiu had finished.

“Ah, is there such a thing?”

“I don’t even know.” She said with an exquisite and delicate face full of surprise.

Then she started avoiding responsibility by saying, “How can I have such power? I’m worried the program team arranged it, so don’t slander me.”

“The program team requires that everyone’s fans are the same, and you have more fans than the artist, occupying the rest of the artist’s fans,” You Qiuqiu remarked solemnly. “Go have a look if you don’t trust me.”

It can be checked if it was arranged by the program team or Zhou Yi’s side, and if Zhou Yi goes with her, it can be settled.

“…”, Zhou Yi She couldn’t act like a little white lotus 1 any longer, and her expression had faded.

“The recording is about to start. I don’t have time. Don’t postpone my schedule,” she said as she wiped her lipstick with a cotton swab in front of the mirror.

She flatly refused.

You Qiuqiu wanted to talk to her about facts, and she rushed away.

The surrounding show staff remained silent. They were aware of the facts. Zhou Yi’s rhetoric was suitable for deceiving people.

However, she did not come out to speak with You Qiuqiu.

After all, a wise man puts his safety before matters of principle to protect himself. Zhou Yi has a background, and her coffee position is higher than You Qiuqiu.

In reality, the program’s producers thought You Qiuqiu was a little silly. Zhou Yi walked through the back door and let her fans take over a lot of other people’s spots, not just You Qiuqiu fans but also other star fans.

Even people with high-ranking coffee positions than You Qiuqiu did not open their mouths. Can You Qiuqiu upset Zhou Yi for the sake of a few fans?

Zhou Yi was furious when You Qiuqiu knocked on the door. When she walked out, she ran into You Qiuqiu and hissed, “So what if it was my fans who occupied the spot? I will not apologize anyway. In this circle, whoever is popular has the upper hand. I blame you for your lack of popularity.”

She didn’t even bother pretending to You Qiuqiu.

What a joke. She wants her to apologize to a handful of her fans.

When Jiang Tao arrived, she had just overheard Zhou Yi speak such a sentence to You Qiuqiu, and she was on the verge of exploding with rage.

There were many people on Zhou Yi’s side, so Zhou Yi rushed out of the dressing room without even looking at Jiang Tao.


You Qiuqiu ran into the assistant director again in the corridor, and she told him, “I’m not a Zhou Yi fan.”

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  1. ‘White lotus’ — someone who appears pure but is the polar opposite on the inside.

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