I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 41.2

She said it seriously.

Assistant Director: Huh?

He did not know why You Qiuqiu talked to him about this. He was so preoccupied that he might have forgotten what he had just said to You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu felt it was necessary.

It doesn’t matter if Zhou Yi is misunderstood before she negotiates with her.


“I’d be disgusted if I was mistaken for her fan,” she says.

You Qiuqiu had never seen Zhou Yi’s TV series before, but she had placed Zhou Yi on her blacklist, and she would remain on the blacklist for the rest of her life. She will no longer watch her TV show.

People need to learn ethics first and conduct themselves with integrity.

Zhou Yi lost even basic ethics.

“That Zhou Yi is a jerk!”

You Qiuqiu didn’t need heavy makeup. The makeup artist applied a light dusting of loose powder, brushed her brows with an eyebrow brush, and reapply lipstick. “No matter how much you do, it’s superfluous,” The make-up artist said.

Jiang Tao couldn’t contain her emotions after only You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao were present, and she cursed in a low voice.

She heard Zhou Yi’s words and it was too bullying.

“Do you want to report to Mr. Sheng, Qiuqiu?”

You Qiuqiu has returned to her usual laziness. She doesn’t even bother playing with her phone. She opened her eyes, and the pupils are black and white, shaped like spherical grapes.

“You don’t need to tell Mr. Sheng anything. This is going to disturb Mr. Sheng,” she said.

“It’s nothing.”

You Qiuqiu persuaded Jiang Tao.

That’s right, there was no actual physical conflict, and Mr. Sheng was certainly exceedingly busy, earning him the nickname of “Overtime Madman.” She didn’t seem to be able to report everything to Mr. Sheng.

You Qiuqiu couldn’t be more thoughtful, Jiang Tao thought, but she wasn’t as thorough as Qiuqiu thought.

It’s just –

“Qiuqiu, you’re being a little too rash today.”

Whether it’s engaging in a fan conflict or taking the initiative to negotiate with Zhou Yi, this appears to be different from Jiang Tao’s image of the normal You Qiuqiu.

She didn’t mean to accuse You Qiuqiu. After all, she was also angry.

“If you come into something like this again, don’t make your own decision. At the very least, let me be with you. Multiple people are better than one.”

Jiang Tao gave You Qiuqiu instructions.

You Qiuqiu responded, but she didn’t dare look at Jiang Tao, so she closed her eyes again. Her lashes were still trembling uncontrollably. If You Qiuqiu’s parents were around, Jiang Tao would know she was acting with a guilty conscience.

Because she may have to wait for some time…

The only thing You Qiuqiu are annoyed about now is that there are still Xingqiu outside, as well as fans of other artists.

She was unable to bring them in.

Jiang Tao saw You Qiuqiu appear fatigued before entering the stage. She appeared to be more restless than usual, but when she inquired, You Qiuqiu strongly denied it.

“I’m tired and sleepy.”

Tao Jiang: Then she may relax because these two words already filled You Qiuqiu’s daily life.

It would have been completed if she had added hunger.

Zhou Yi’s acts and words will undoubtedly impact You Qiuqiu, but Jiang Tao believes that You Qiuqiu does not appear to take them seriously. You Qiuqiu may return to your rest.

The recording of the Celebrity Confrontation program began.

You Qiuqiu saw that fans holding Zhou Yi lamps and banners in the audience made up nearly one-third, if not more, of the total audience.

She also noticed Xingqiu. There wasn’t a lot of Xingqiu in the stadium. Xingqiu observed You Qiuqiu’s attention, and they even waved what was in their hand, while other people tentatively shouted.

“Qiuqiu, Mama loves you!”

You Qiuqiu formed a large heart with her arms above her head.

She loves them as well.

It caused Xingqiu to grab the hand of the person next to them in place and hold it firmly so that she did not faint from excitement.

God, what kind of peerless little sweetheart is Qiu Cub?

You Qiuqiu dressed in a uniformed and practical sports outfit, this time in sky blue and white color. She tied up her long hair, but the make-up artist gave her a ball hairstyle, making her look smaller and younger.

She looks like she is still wearing the school flower title, much like a high school student who has just finished school and hasn’t had time to take off her school uniform.

The Celebrity Confrontation recording location is not small. There are obstacles and even a plastic track on it. Jiang Tao did not take You Qiuqiu’s words to take first place seriously, but she noticed that You Qiuqiu was unusually lazy suddenly became active.

Even become aggressive.

Where is the squinting and dozing off the field right now?

You Qiuqiu took the initiative when she chose to fight against the other players and eventually selected Zhou Yi.

Jiang Tao’s heart was racing at a breakneck pace. She noticed You Qiuqiu, who was pressing her red lips on stage, with a brilliant and menacing countenance full of seriousness. You Qiuqiu made a daring guess.

Qiuqiu would not have planned…

You Qiuqiu only wanted to beat Zhou Yi.

She planned to win against Zhou Yi before seeing her, and after negotiating with Zhou Yi, she planned to win against her. No… she had to win against her.

Zhou Yi is taller than You Qiuqiu. She is not a trained actress as she attended the Dance Academy before becoming an actress. She has excellent physical coordination as well as a high level of fitness.

As a result, Zhou Yi initially thought it was a bit silly to stand behind You Qiuqiu, who did not attempt to hide her ambition to win.

How many times has she heard of You Qiuqiu’s reputation as a sport waste? Isn’t it a waste of effort to send it up and get slapped in the face?

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