I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 41.3

The two did not communicate during the process, primarily because You Qiuqiu did not want to undertake any superficial work with Zhou Yi to maintain the so-called harmony. She spent 120 percent of her concentration warming up and observing the entire way.

To win against Zhou Yi, she must run on the long plastic track, climb over a fake wall, and eventually climb onto a large ball and ring the bell on top.

“Ready, go–“

The show’s host had just finished yelling, “Go!” and a figure shot out like an arrow from the string.

“The first to run in the front is… You Qiuqiu of the blue team!” The show’s host kept an eye on all the parties’ dynamics and also observed that the match between You Qiuqiu and Zhou Yi had begun.

“Come on, Zhou Yi!”

Zhou Yi’s fans shouted desperately. They were many, and they shouted with tremendous vigor.

Xingqiu is actually quite Buddhist about their own cub games, and as the You Qiuqiu Fan Support Association stated, attending the show is solely for cub business.

Qiu Cub dislikes sports and is too lazy to take part in them, so the paddling almost fools her.

Who knew You Qiuqiu would surprise them by sprinting so quickly and battling so hard this time?

For a moment, Xingqiu was surprised since they were not prepared to cheer on the Qiu Cub. Isn’t this just normal business?

However, they saw You Qiuqiu sprinting desperately across the field and heard Zhou Yi’s name overwhelmingly.

Xingqiu: They still need to cheer. Father and mother fans of Qiu Cubs must not admit defeat.

So Xingqiu also shouted, “Cub come on. You can do it Qiu Cub!”

Come on, battle, Xingqiu no longer needs their voice today!

You Qiuqiu started and sped up too quickly, and it quickly became a little unbearable.

Her legs were heavy and aching, and her ears had become deaf. In her ears, she could only hear the heartbeat of “puff, puff” and the buzzing of the wind. Breathing is also tough. Each breath is a strain on the lungs, with a rusty smell and a little pain.

You Qiuqiu heard the “Cub Cub” from the off-field immediately following the wind, so she clenched her teeth, feeling that she was gaining energy, and looked back to check the distance between herself and Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi had some difficulty pursuing her.

She didn’t expect You Qiuqiu running as fast as a rabbit, and she was out before she could respond.

Zhou Yi’s physical fitness is excellent. Even if You Qiuqiu runs very fast, the space between the two is always shrinking, and she gradually catches up.

Two stunning ladies compete on the same stage, and the entire screen is filled with long legs. This is still a pretty rare scene. The rest of the people have already picked up on the fact that these two people are competing, which is a visual feast for the rest of them.

This race to keep up with each other didn’t last long. You Qiuqiu saw that she was being caught up and wanted to go harder, but she slipped and fell on the ground in haste.

You Qiuqiu landed on her knees with a loud boom, her palms supported on the plastic floor.

The rest of the artist’s fans, who were at the auditorium for unknown reasons, were astonished when they saw You Qiuqiu fall and then burst out laughing.

They presumably think of You Qiuqiu as a female artist who can rely on her looks to make a living, but she has to rely on sand sculptures to get into the circle, believing that falling is a routine operation for You Qiuqiu.

At first glance, it appears to be funny.

But neither Xingqiu nor Jiang Tao could laugh.

The sound had just landed squarely in their hearts, and the Qiu Cub had just run so fast! It must have been very painful if she had fallen to the ground or to the knee!

Their knees hurt just thinking about it.

Xingqiu, who was seated next to them, felt anxious, and Jiang Tao quickly called the staff of the show team next to her and requested whether the artist might leave the venue if they wanted to, and received a good response.

“The game can be forfeited.”

Jiang Tao was prepared to go to the track and inform You Qiuqiu to rush down and abstain.

You Qiuqiu, who had just fallen, didn’t stop for long. She rose up with her hands on the ground and kept chasing after Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi had climbed the wall just as she fell, and by the time You Qiuqiu got to the wall, Zhou Yi had nearly reached the top.

Zhou Yi had some bad ideas when she observed that You Qiuqiu was following her closely behind her.

She stomped on You Qiuqiu with her foot.

You Qiuqiu was entirely unprepared. She wasn’t expecting Zhou Yi, who was over her head, to perform such a thing in front of the camera and was kicked her straight.

Her head was a little dizzy from being kicked, and her eyes widened unexpectedly.

Half of her body was wobbly against the wall, and one hand had subconsciously loosened as a result of the unexpected hit.

You Qiuqiu clenched her teeth, but Zhou Yi kicked her again, the second and third time.

You Qiuqiu was prepared this time. Her head shifted to one side, but her body couldn’t evade, and she was kicked in the shoulder.

You Qiuqiu’s hand was almost unable to grip it because the pain was so intense.

“What the hell is going on with Zhou Yi?”

“Are you kicking Qiu Cub?”

Xingqiu, who was sitting on the off-stage could not sit still, and several people stood up immediately.

The wall, unlike a plastic track, is not adjacent to the off-stage. Because the wall is so far away from them, everyone can only get a hazy view of the action. Zhou Yi appears to have kicked Qiu Cub a couple of times?

When Zhou Yi’s fans close to them heard Xingqiu whispering to the others, they yelled angrily, “No!”

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