I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 41.4

“Have you seen Celebrity Confrontation? You can’t afford to get hurt, can you? This is a Celebrity Confrontation game, so there will undoubtedly be physical contact. Our Yiyi’s feet are slippery, and it’s not on purpose, so don’t start a fight.”

According to Zhou Yi’s fans, Xingqiu is starting a fight. They were unfamiliar with the regulations, and the pot was pushed away.

Because the rest of the artist’s fans didn’t understand it clearly, they silently accepted Zhou Yi’s fans’ comment.

In the distance, Zhou Yi removed the microphone and gazed down at You Qiuqiu with a scornful smirk that contrasted sharply with her beautiful face.

“Would you like to beat me?”

“Don’t waste your time if you can’t win.”

Because of the game settings, Zhou Yi will have a lot of physical contacts once in contact. Zhou Yi is unconcerned about the audience saying anything. She can cut the scene if she wants. If there are still those who are persistent, she gets too excited for a while. Why would she be concerned about winning the game if she didn’t see You Qiuqiu?

You Qiuqiu was panting heavily, and sweat was dripping down her brow. She didn’t wipe her hands because she was captivated by her gaze, and she muttered to Zhou Yi, “Apologies!”

Please apologize to everyone, including Xingqiu, who has been occupied by her fans outside and is now forced to stand and wait.

Zhou Yi pouted and kicked You Qiuqiu’s shoulder again, this time towards the unsupported arm.

Get off!

You Qiuqiu let go of her hand this time, slid down the wall like a dried salted fish, and sat squarely on the cushion.

Zhou Yi looked down at You Qiuqiu, who had fallen to the bottom, hooked the corner of his lips, and continued to climb.

But it didn’t take long for Zhou Yi to realize her foot had been entangled. It was a good hand, and the owner was You Qiuqiu.

She climbed up, grabbed her feet, looked at each other, and murmured, “Apologies.”

You Qiuqiu said to Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi’s scalp went numb. She shook her feet fiercely and shook You Qiuqiu once more. She cursed in her heart, and she wondered how she could be plagued!

She first believed that she could put You Qiuqiu down with a single fall, but after kicking her down, she was able to climb back up.

Zhou Yi wishes to move quickly since she cannot stay here any longer. She dashes to the large ball to ring the bell.

Everyone on the scene can see that there is a conflict between these two people. Xingqiu, who is quite frail, can’t help but cry. They don’t understand why the Qiu Cub are fighting so hard, and they are also irritated by Zhou Yi’s actions.

Is this a normal foot slip?

Jiang Tao became even more agitated, like an ant on a hot stove.

“I’m going to call the artist down.”

She informed the director.

The program group’s director stated that if the artist is ready to come down, they have no opinion. However, if the artist is unwilling, Jiang Tao will be unable to enter the venue.

This is something to keep an eye on.

Although the program group’s director had no idea why such a supposed popular Buddha female artist got into a dispute with Zhou Yi and kept talking about — Apology?

Jiang Tao didn’t call You Qiuqiu back. She simply saw You Qiuqiu fall on the cushion and ran up without hesitation.

Jiang Tao couldn’t hold back her tears any longer and burst into sobbing. Is this intended for Xingqiu?

“D*mn! Why are you reappearing?”

Zhou Yi let out a bewildered yell. She was about to turn over, and then her feet were grabbed again.

It’s still pale hands since it has been a long time, the blue veins that were already visible on them looking like something out of a horror movie. “Apologize,” You Qiuqiu licked her dry lips, her hair stuck to her cheeks.

“Please apologize to the fans outside who were unable to enter.”

Zhou Yi attempted to kick or toss You Qiuqiu in the same way as before, but it did not succeed this time.

You Qiuqiu seized Zhou Yi’s feet with both hands, making Zhou Yi bear the weight of two people, and then You Qiuqiu carefully climbed Zhou Yi’s legs up and used her as a ladder.

Zhou Yi was in excruciating pain because You Qiuqiu was still clinging to her. “Let go!” she yelled at You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu, “Apologize!”

It’s impossible to let go.

“…”, Zhou Yi had the impression that You Qiuqiu had become like a robot, and that only apology words came out when she opened and closed her mouth.

You Qiuqiu dragged her expressionlessly and continued to use her as a ladder to climb higher, seeing that Zhou Yi still didn’t intend to apologize.

Zhou Yi was concerned that her pants might be ripped off, but this did not happen. It can only be said that being on a ladder is excruciatingly painful.

You Qiuqiu went up the wall and flipped over with no psychological burden on Zhou Yi’s shoulders.

Zhou Yi’s arm was throbbing and hurting, and she suspected it was strained, but she gritted her teeth and climbed over the wall.

When Zhou Yi saw You Qiuqiu crawling on the half-human tall ball, she had a bad omen, and her eyelids jumped quickly.

Her prophecies were fulfilled in the following split second. When You Qiuqiu spotted her, she rode on the ball and furiously bounced towards her. Although there was just one person, Zhou Yi had the impression that there were thousands of troops behind You Qiuqiu.



She pursued Zhou Yi on the ball while repeating these two words.

Zhou Yi was on the verge of collapsing, and the sound of biubiu when the ball hit the ground behind her served as a reminder, especially when she looked back and saw You Qiuqiu’s eyes.

Sweat seemed to have washed over her eyes. They were incredibly bright and fierce. They resembled… tiny animals.

Zhou Yi made a surrender motion.

“I was wrong…”

“Really, I apologize.”

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