I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 41.5

You Qiuqiu came to a halt and quietly stared at Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi swallowed hard, but her eyes turned and looked around.

There is another large ball in the same style as the one You Qiuqiu is sitting on. Two of them have been prepared by the program team. If one could not be won, the two balls might have clashed, and the bell is placed on the top of the ceiling.

“I know I shouldn’t… I’m sorry for the other fans outside… I let my fans take up too much space…”

Zhou Yi flew to another ball and climbed up with both hands and feet as she stated this.

She’ll get her revenge when she climbs onto the ball!

It’s just that You Qiuqiu controlled the large ball and banged it into Zhou Yi’s ball before she climbed upon it.

Zhou Yi’s ball was knocked many meters away and crashed to the ground.

It’s all over.

“Your apologies are not sincere,” You Qiuqiu muttered condescendingly to Zhou Yi, who was lying on the ground screaming in pain. What a bad review.

You Qiuqiu was exhausted and paralyzed. She felt as if she had been dragged out of the water, sweating profusely all over her body. Finally, she lay flat on the ball, completely affixed to its surface.

This is because of the gym’s exercise balls; otherwise, You Qiuqiu would not be able to lie on the ball so skilfully to rest. After a while, she calmed her breathing, and You Qiuqiu lazily stretched her arms and fished up the bell at the top.

The bell made a sharp sound, like a cat playing tentatively.

You Qiuqiu won.

She won first place in the sports category after putting in a lot of effort.

You Qiuqiu specifically went outside the building after the recording, and Xingqiu who didn’t enter the venue didn’t leave. Not only Xingqiu but also admirers of other artists.

Xingqiu was embarrassed to see You Qiuqiu because they had refused Qiuqiu’s request to return home. They are not sure why. Qiuqiu is definitely a cub to them, but their position has shifted today.

Most likely because Qiu Cub came forward to protect them.

“Qiu Cub, is it hard to record?”

“Qiu Cub, is this the end? Do you want to drink water?”

Some Xingxing also handed You Qiuqiu mineral water, and You Qiuqiu faced the other party’s longing eyes and continued.

“I won first place.”

She mainly wanted to tell them about it.

“You guys hurry back. Don’t wait, I’ll go back in a while.”

Xingqiu: “Wow, Qiu Cub is amazing. How do you do it?”

You Qiuqiu, “…” It’s just like a brainless blow that resembles her parents.

In fact, Xingqiu who were waiting outside were moved when they learned that You Qiuqiu had indeed won first place. They didn’t want to be the first, but Qiu Cub did it for them.

Is it for them?

You Qiuqiu, “Zhou Yi asked me to say sorry to everyone. This time they made a mistake and prevented you from getting in. It won’t happen next time.”

You, Qiuqiu, said this not only to Xingqiu but to the other fans who were still waiting outside.

“It’s all right. It’s all right.”

Most fans waved their hands meekly and stated that they didn’t care.

They were fortunate to get drawn, but they came all the way here because they liked the artist. However, because of Zhou Yi’s action, they turned away from the door and stood blankly. It was obviously hard to not become enraged for hours.

But when You Qiuqiu arrived with Zhou Yi’s apology, their rage dissipated. At the very least, Zhou Yi was sincere…

When You Qiuqiu was interacting with a group of fans outside, Jiang Tao kept her head down and said nothing from start to finish.

You Qiuqiu sensed her emotions and reached out to pat her on the shoulder.

“Then I’ll return.”

The staff of the program team urgently called you Qiuqiu back, and no one thought much about it. With this new experience, not only did the outside Xingqiu wave goodbye to You Qiuqiu, but the rest of the artist’s fans had a favorable impression of this beautiful female artist and waved to her as well.

They are envious because they noticed Xingqiu is happy to be a fan of You Qiuqiu. They’ve talked to Xingqiu and even come out to gather input.

Xingqiu who appeared on the scene was the polar opposite of the elated Xingqiu outside the field, and they even wiped away their tears.

The Xingqiu outside was taken aback when they saw them: “No, why are you crying? Didn’t Qiu Cub still win first place?”

Xingqiu who was watching the live recording of the program cried even louder, “It’s the first place. You do not know how much Qiu Cub has suffered, and Zhou Yi is sick. She’s constantly kicking Qiuqiu.”

They hope that Qiu Cub will not win first place because the process is too cruel.

Zhou Yi fans first argued that Zhou Yi did not kick You Qiuqiu, but that her feet is slippery. Zhou Yi’s fans were displeased when You Qiuqiu took the ball to chase Zhou Yi.

While wiping away tears, Xingqiu exclaimed, “It’s the ball that’s slippery!”

Xingqiu who was still crying sensed something was wrong.

“…How did you find out that Qiuqiu had won first place?”

These brothers and sisters were unable to enter.

“… Qiu Cub told us just now. She saw us previously and wanted to let us in, but we still couldn’t get in. Qiu Cub said she wanted to take the first place,” Xingqiu outside stated.

“And so…”

“So, Qiu Cub fought so hard on the show for us to win, only to be kicked by Zhou Yi?” The two Xingqiu groups spoke in unison.

Then we all sobbed together.

Lean on each other!

What kind of fairy artist is this? My tears have no value!

After hearing what happened inside, they all scolded Zhou Yi. Qiu Cub is determined to defeat Zhou Yi, but she has been subjected to numerous injustices.

Fans of the others were both moved and outraged.

Garbage Zhou Yi!

They are sad for Qiuqiu and are not sure how Qiuqiu is now.

Everyone was concerned, but no one could get in.


Sheng Shiyun was still working overtime when You Qiuqiu was on the phone.

“Hello, is it Mr. Sheng?”


“Mr. Sheng, my name is You Qiuqiu, and I’m in trouble.”

Sheng Shiyun:?

There’s still something going on there. “I’ll let you know about it before the hot search appears. Of course… It’s possible that it’s not at the top of the list.” For a moment, Sheng Shiyun didn’t know how to reply to the voice’s magnanimity.

What happened to You Qiuqiu?

He hadn’t seen her in a long time, and she had suddenly turned rebellious.

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