The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 39

Xu Qiu received a reminder that night.

[The task of constructing the dormitories has been finished, and the task reward is a set of Ocean Stars]

When Xu Qiu clicked on the reward, she saw it was a set of furniture.

The furniture is designed to match the design of the little table lamp that You Yu gave to Xu Qiu. The decoration and overall white color scheme of the room are quite brilliant.

When using a furniture set, Xu Qiu’s chosen room can be altered in less than a second. The floors, ceilings, and wallpapers all transform into a gorgeous ocean.

The suit also provides a 5% meditative effect. Xu Qiu’s sleep quality may improve when she sleeps in such an area.

The addition of the new furniture set also implies that more products in this category are now available in the system.

There are also Cherry Blossoms, Robot Story, Doll House, Cat Backyard, Youth Campus, Iceberg Snowfield, Dark Forest, and other themes.

They all cost hundreds of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of gold coins, with the most costly costume, the cat backyard, costing 100,000 gold coins.

The most expensive one, of course, is that the best suit has a 10% concentration bonus. Work and study efficiency can be considerably increased in such an environment.

This is insufficient to win people’s hearts. The most fascinating aspect of this set of furniture is that it is made of gold coins!

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