The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 36

The four of them returned to P City a week later.

Even Jing Yuan seemed to get along better than before after spending seven days alone, softening the edges of the two sons, and returning to the city.

When Jiang Shi Ning returned to the office, her secretary informed her that Lin Qingqing had been approached by an advertiser to be the female lead in a commercial. Jiang Shi Ning was taken aback. Although Lin Qingqing is still no different from an average person right now, when the first movie is out in a few months, the fame will come, and Lin Qingqing will undoubtedly become famous. There is a big difference in the value of asking her to do a commercial now or when she makes her debut.

Jiang Shi Ning was moved, but she turned down the advertiser.

Jiang Shi Ning must find a perfect path for Lin Qingqing because she has so much faith in her.

Jiang Shi Ning recruited a professional acting teacher for Lin Qingqing during the timeframe before the film’s release, giving her extra classes every day to learn more and develop. She’s heard that Lin Qingqing is indeed progressing quickly and that her teachers are enthusiastic in their praise.

Of course, imperial concubines who fight with their acting talents in the harem would be easily used in the entertainment circle since they have a natural aura of someone who can act.

On the other hand, Zou Yu contacted her, stating that she wanted to make her debut in a more innocent way. The truth is that Zou Yu’s persona is out of the mud; she must be different from other actors and exhibit the clean temperament of a clear stream. 1

This is simple. Just in time for Jiang Shi Ning’s four little fresh meats to film their MV, she asked Zou Yu to be the female lead. Wait until the MV is ready, then they will send out the water army, and with the current fame of the four cubs, Zou Yu can go from an amateur to the top of the national entertainment list in no time.

At the moment, there is no important event in the company that requires Jiang Shi Ning’s decision, and her company may act independently. Also, there is no major production going on right now, so everything may resume normal operations.

Jiang Shi Ning is someone who could not afford to be idle, so she pondered it and promptly came up with an idea.

She dialed Zou Yu’s number and asked who in this world she wanted to be fixed for the plot. Zou Yu said the film emperor’s name. Mu Xu was the man’s name. He was a huge star who received numerous awards.

So he’s one of the male leads. No surprise there.

Jiang Shining then inquired about the domineering president. Jiang Shi Ning was taken aback when Zou Yu spoke since it turned out that the domineering president was Xiu Jingrui, Xiu Lingfei’s third son.

Now it appears that the answer is self-evident. The main character, Xiu Jingrui, is a domineering president who was born into the Xiu family by mistake and became Xiu Lingfei’s son. The pregnant Cheng Luoxun is the female protagonist who is paired with him.

Originally, Jiang Shi Ning was supposed to address the problem of these two tyrants, but who would have predicted that Xiu Lingfei would disrupt the process and bring her two sons together?

As a result, Zou Yu will continue to look for a solution to the plot’s unfinished business.

The appearance of these book fixers is an attempt to smooth out all illogical events and make the world a better place. It appears that if they lose their mind as a popular film emperor and business empire propene in the entertainment industry, they will do something horrible.

“Shouldn’t these three people be involved in something?” Jiang Shi Ning made a guess.

“Yes, Cheng Luoxun would have a problematic relationship with them. It’s the traditional old drama romance.” Zou Yu said.

“Ah, I see. How do you plan to do the task?” Jiang Shi Ning asked.

For example, as a mother, she was required to smooth out the storyline while nurturing her child into a talent that would benefit the world’s progress. And some book fixers are needed to intervene with emotional concerns, as well as with more unusual needs and tasks.

“In a beautiful way, break the love triangle.” Zou Yu sighed helplessly as well. “My character is set up to ‘destroy the heroine’ while falling in love with the second male lead. After I do the task, this body I borrowed will inherit my memories and live on, guaranteeing the emotional balance of the female and male leads, the second male lead, and my character.”

In that instance, Zou Yu’s intended victim is that movie star. [efn note] In brief, the actual male lead is the domineering president, and the movie star is merely there to create a love triangle so she can break the three.)

“Oh, I see. I’m going to put money into a star show. At that moment, I will bring Mu Xu, the film emperor, as well as you, so that you can have a platform to exchange feelings, and the rest is up to you,” Jiang Shi Ning replied.

Zou Yu expressed her gratitude. This could be why the robot assigned her to Jiang Shi Ning. Jiang Shi Ning has the ability to organically drive her to her proper place in this profession and identity.

After a few more sentences, Jiang Shi Ning felt there was nothing further to say and was about to end the call when Zou Yu over there nervously called Jiang Shi Ning’s name.

“Senior, I read that the Longteng Group’s information is not a nice company to work with.” She stated, “Cheng Luoxun is now pregnant, and she met the second male lead actor in the film emperor after she had an abortion. Wouldn’t it be easier to solve the plot if she gave birth to the child?”

It appears that Zou Yu is unaware of the identity of the male lead’s father, Xiu Lingfei.

Based on the character of this man, Jiang Shi Ning only remembered that there was still Xiu Lingfei…

“You must not allow the people of Longteng to control her. Xiu Jingrui’s father would probably force her to abort for the sake of his son’s future,” Jiang Shi Ning speculated.

“So, I still have to help her with keeping the fetus and deal with her father-in-law outside?” With a headache, Zou Yu stated.

She was, indeed, a newcomer who was still acting like a child. Shouldn’t she have finished college before she died? She must have been at a loss for words when she was called upon to perform such a task.

“I say, go for it, Xiao Yu. Your task is not life-threatening, and although it is quite tight now, you will gradually grow better,” Jiang Shi Ning reassured her.

In actuality, Jiang Shi Ning wasn’t unable to help Zou Yu. She could even approach Xiu Lingfei about it. But Jiang Shi Ning can’t do that because if a baby bird is safeguarded, it will never learn to fly. Jiang Shi Ning can help her by completing the first world, but no one will be available to support her in the following worlds.

As a result, interfering with Zou Yu will now harm her.

She knows Zou Yu won’t be able to sleep soundly tonight after she hangs up the phone.

But it’s a good thing that Zou Yu will be tossing and turning tonight, trying to figure out how to help the heroine keep the baby and how to swindle the movie emperor. Compared to her first duty, Jiang Shi Ning was thinking about how to live and deal with those unsuspecting concubines tomorrow.

After this side and Zou Yu were completed, Jiang Shi Ning arranged and prepare for this star meet and greet program.

Jiang Shi Ning can come up with a random concept from the past that can be used as a breaking point because the level of the entertainment industry in this world is so unbalanced.

As a result, one month later, her family’s 4T group will release Zou Yu’s new MV and songs. The star show will be available online about two months later. Finally, in the second part of the year, they will release their company’s debut film, which will drive Ninglu Media to new heights until the end of the year.

Jiang Shi Ning is not only generous in supporting Zou Yu in launching this star show; Ninglu Media will also gain greatly. The last variety show was about newcomers and trainees; this time, the show will have many stars interact within the program; if it is popular, more entertainment industry stars will collaborate with Ninglu Media.

Jiang Shi Ning is enthusiastic about making Ninglu Media popular throughout the world as soon as possible.

After all, her cubs are fantastic. Of course, she should be a better mama bear as a mother!

The author has something to say about it: two drums get~~

Everyone can be confident that all plot developments will only affect outsiders and will not affect the female lead or the moths!

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