Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 35


Chapter 35

At the same time, Fu Hanzheng had just gotten a report from Raymond in the study room.

” Boss, I already checked what you ordered. Longsheng Group recently competed for a large project in Tiansheng’s hands, and the deal was signed today.”

“What else?” Fu Hanzheng asked as he closed the study room’s door.

Raymond couldn’t figure out why the boss was suddenly concerned about the Longsheng Group. He particularly contacted Xu Qian in the morning to ask, and Xu Qian just advised him to pay closer attention to Mu Weiwei.

“They signed the contract with Wang Dong of Tiansheng.” Raymond paused for a moment before continuing. “Miss Mu was supposed to be given to Wang Dong, but she ran away from the hotel yesterday. Li Jiacheng’s wife, Zhou Meiqin and Wang Dong, on the other hand, stayed at the hotel until midday today. Also, Wang Dong has already dispatched someone to investigate Miss Mu’s whereabouts this afternoon.”

Fu Hanzheng remained silent for a few moments before issuing the instruction.

“From tomorrow, arrange for someone to accompany her to ensure her safety.”

He wanted nothing like what had happened the day before to happen again.

It is uncomfortable when the woman he gets along being coveted by others.

Raymond was curious as to why his boss was suddenly concerned about Mu Weiwei, but he didn’t dare to ask him directly.

“Yes, I’ll set it up right away.”

Fu Hanzheng exited the study room after hanging up the phone. Gu Weiwei was ready to leave the room to go to the kitchen to prepare dinner when he noticed she was still startled for two seconds.

“Won’t you come back, Mr. Fu?”

“After the meeting tomorrow morning, I will leave for a business trip.”

Although Gu Weiwei felt uneasy living under the same roof as him, he looked after her last night.

This is his home, and she can’t push people away if Fu Hanzheng doesn’t want to leave.

So she opened the refrigerator to check on the cooking ingredients.

“Since I didn’t go grocery shopping today, do you mind if we had noodles for dinner?”

“Don’t mind.” Fu Hanzheng did not return to his study room when he finished speaking.

Instead, he stood there staring at the people in the kitchen, as if he was waiting for something.

Gu Weiwei was a little nervous, so she twisted her head to glance around.

Is it possible that he is hungry and looking for something to eat?

“If you’re hungry, why don’t you eat the bread that’s in the refrigerator first?”

Fu Hanzheng waited for a long time, realizing that she had no intention of speaking, before asking directly, “Weiwei, what happened yesterday? Do you have nothing to tell me?”

Gu Weiwei pondered it. Even though she didn’t want to go to the hospital yesterday, he was considerate.

He not only drove her to the hospital, but he also looked after her for one night in a good manner. She owes him gratitude.

She quickly cleaned her hands, walked over to him, and bowed deeply.

“Thank you for bringing me to the hospital yesterday, Mr. Fu.”

Her thanks, on the other hand, not only did not make Fu Hanzheng happy, but made him even more displeased.

“That’s not what I’m asking for.”


Gu Weiwei was bewildered. Was she not sincere enough to thank him?

 “Do you have anything to say about being drugged?” Fu Hanzheng reminded.

He waited for her to talk on the way back from the hospital, but she didn’t say anything when she returned.

“It’s only that I ran into a little trouble. I can manage it myself,” Gu Weiwei said oddly to the man who was a little sullen.

There is no relationship between them on which she can complain and seek to rely.

Fu Hanzheng pursed his thin lips slightly before turning around and returning to his study room. Was he too harsh to kick her out of Tianshui Villa before?

So she was afraid of him, and now she keeps her distance on purpose?

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