I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 42.1

You Qiuqiu didn’t want to call Mr. Sheng, but she couldn’t help herself because she was detained in the program group shooting location.

If You Qiuqiu does not contact her agent, Zou Yi’s agent will not allow You Qiuqiu and the others to leave.

You Qiuqiu, have entirely given up to this point, and have said to Zhou Yi’s agent that if he wants to settle things, just do it with her.

To be honest, You Qiuqiu is embarrassed that she is an adult but must call her “parent.”

You Qiuqiu feel like a naughty youngster who has gotten herself into trouble, and Mr. Sheng is the parent who is related to her. The important point is that Zhou Yi’s agent does not share her idea. He demands You Qiuqiu contact her agent rather than confront You Qiuqiu alone.

You Qiuqiu, “… Okay.”

You Qiuqiu doesn’t have any intention of starting a fight with Zhou Yi. She only wants to win against Zou Yi and keep her promise to Xingqiu. But Zhou Yi moved her foot first, and You Qiuqiu couldn’t stop it.

She needed that apology as soon as the blood came to her brain.

Why didn’t Zhou Yi apologize if she had done something wrong? She just needs that apology and nothing else.

You Qiuqiu believes her star career may be over now that she needs to apologize to Zhou Yi. She knows Zhou Yi has a good background, but it doesn’t matter.

She can return to collect the rent.

You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao sat in the corner, anticipating Sheng Shiyun’s arrival.

“Qiuqiu, do your shoulder and knee hurt? Let’s go to the hospital first,” Jiang Tao said with a grim face.

With great fanfare, Zhou Yi was escorted to the hospital just after she went off the field and started yelling, “I’m dizzy!”

She kicked You Qiuqiu a few times but was practically being stepped by You Qiuqiu when she was climbing the wall. However, she kicked Qiuqiu’s body and had all the advantages.

You Qiuqiu whispered to Jiang Tao in a low voice, “It’s okay, I’m wearing it…”

When she rolled up her sweatpants, Jiang Tao noticed that there was still a layer of flesh-colored fabric within.

Jiang Tao identified it as “long johns.”

You Qiuqiu gave her an odd look.

You Qiuqiu’s mother thinks she is cold all the time, although it’s pretty hot today. Her mother ordered her to put on a pair of long johns, and it was because of these long johns that You Qiuqiu was not hurt. The outside sweatpants she was wearing had been rubbed through at the knees.

 “Then your head and shoulders…”

When Jiang Tao asked about You Qiuqiu’s condition again, You Qiuqiu shifted the subject.

“If I leave the entertainment industry, I’m going to open a stall selling candied haws. Jiang Tao, you can sell candied haws with me and get paid.”

You Qiuqiu, simply assumed she wouldn’t be able to make it. She can collect the rent, but she can’t forget about Jiang Tao.

If she leaves the circle, Jiang Tao will be out of work as her assistant. It’s difficult for Jiang Tao who has always cared so much about her.

Jiang Tao: “Huh?”

She was confused as to what Qiuqiu is saying. Why is she considering leaving the entertainment industry and selling candied haws?

You Qiuqiu were ecstatic about the future she had planned. She had previously learned how to make candied haws on the show, and it had finally come in handy.

“Let’s set up another barbeque stall next to the candied haws stall. I prefer barbecue. How about you?”

Faced with her artist’s beaming gaze, Jiang Tao instinctively answered, “Barbecue is fine, I like hamburgers.”

You Qiuqiu, “Yes, yes, I like it too!”

“Then, while making hamburgers, we can secretly make a small hamburger and eat it. It’s delicious.”

Jiang Tao was amused by You Qiuqiu and in this situation, she rarely laughed aloud.

When Sheng Shiyun arrived on the scene, he immediately caught You Qiuqiu. He heard You Qiuqiu yelling over there, wanting to rule the entire food street, as he walked to her side.


Very good. Based on her appearance, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The negotiations formally began after Sheng Shiyun arrived.

Zhou Yi’s agent is as ferocious as an aggressive rooster. When Sheng Shiyun appeared, he slammed him and accused You Qiuqiu. Some of them were biased, while others were untrue. Jiang Tao was frightened that Mr. Sheng would listen to the other party’s words and perhaps even agree with them.

Sheng Shiyun reached out and stopped Jiang Tao.

After much discussion, Zhou Yi’s agent concluded that You Qiuqiu was at fault and asked Sheng Shiyun, “What do you think?”

“In my opinion, everything you mentioned is wrong,” replied the man in a suit and leather shoes who appeared to be similar to a senior lawyer.

Zhou Yi’s agent:?

Sheng Shiyun remained unaffected.

Jiang Tao exhaled a sigh of relief as she heard this.

Following that, Sheng Shiyun essentially took an attitude in response to Zhou Yi’s agent.

Whatever you say, we’re all going to deny it. What you suggested is impossible for my artist to do. She is so cowardly that she would never step on an ant.

When You Qiuqiu heard this, she realized that the famous MLM Sheng Shiyun had reappeared, which was too exaggerated.

When Sheng Shiyun finished saying, he also felt it was too exaggerated, so he left some space for maneuver and added, “If Zhou Yi steps on You Qiuqiu, You Qiuqiu must have suffered greater damage.”

Zhou Yi’s agency was surprised by You Qiuqiu’s agent’s friendliness, thus…

Beep the dog!

“Tell the boss of your company to talk to me!” Zhou Yi’s agent has been faking it for a long time since Zhou Yi has had a backer behind her, and he has never met You Qiuqiu and her agent.

The former dared to do something to Zhou Yi, but the latter was insufficient, so Zhou Yi’s agent planned to speak with another person, someone with whom he was familiar.

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