I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 42.2

The former dared to do something to Zhou Yi, but the latter was insufficient, so Zhou Yi’s agent planned to speak with another person, someone with whom he was familiar.

“The boss is too busy and you are not qualified to meet the boss. If the boss arrived, he would have the same attitude as me,” Sheng Shiyun said.

You Qiuqiu was about to burst out laughing. She could validate this remark. Her company’s boss is also her agent, so he would have the same attitude.

After all, there could only be one.

Poor small business.

Sheng Shiyun seemed to notice something and looked at You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu sat up straight, but her eyes curved like crescents.

She couldn’t stop laughing, but she restrained herself from laughing aloud for fear of disrupting the ambiance.

Jiang Tao was taken aback. She had never seen Mr. Sheng spew rubbish before.

Sheng Shiyun didn’t have the energy to care for the carefree artist, for the time being, so he proceeded to deal with Zhou Yi’s agent coldly while requesting that the video be released by the program team.

Zhou Yi stated that You Qiuqiu used the show to purposefully hurt Zhou Yi, and Sheng Shiyun personally asked the show team to bring the clip to the front.

He was paying close attention, and he noticed that Zhou Yi made the first approach on You Qiuqiu, and the entire situation became more severe. “This is what you say You Qiuqiu did wrong?” he asked Zhou Yi’s agent, pointing to the screen where Zhou Yi kicked You Qiuqiu’s head and shoulders.

And he did what Zhou Yi’s agent had requested them to do at the start.

Zhou Yi must publicly apologize to You Qiuqiu, and the inspection fee and mental damage fee must be paid.

There is no way to apologize to Zhou Yi, but Zhou Yi demands them to apologize.

Zhou Yi’s agent was aware of the issue. He should have interrupted Sheng Shiyun’s viewing of the video, but he just forgot about it.

When Zhou Yi’s agent saw he was at a disadvantage and couldn’t gain any benefit from You Qiuqiu’s side, he left a message that said, “Wait and see,” and then he left in a hurry. He couldn’t win against Sheng Shiyun and planned to find Zhou Yi’s backer.

The program team was also surprised that You Qiuqiu’s youthful agent was so proficient at this. The program team’s director walked towards them to smooth things over, saying that they had already done everything they could and that it didn’t matter if the two sides clashed.

How could Sheng Shiyun not see what the program team was trying to do? Then he asked, “Why didn’t you send You Qiuqiu to the hospital right away?”

“Also, detain the two of them here.” This is equivalent to helping Zhou Yi.

The program team is responsible.

The program team’s director couldn’t escape his responsibility, making his face ugly, so he couldn’t say anything.

“I want this video,” Sheng Shiyun said in his commanding tone.

It is a condition for not holding the program team accountable, and it is an unavoidable negotiation.

The program’s director also knew he was wrong in this regard, because Zhou Yi had a large background, and it was unfair to treat You Qiuqiu in this manner, so he gritted his teeth and provided Sheng Shiyun a copy of the original video.

Nonetheless, the program team’s director asked Sheng Shiyun not to push him. He also needs to eat and is concerned about offending others, making him not able to get along in the circle.

Sheng Shiyun took You Qiuqiu to the hospital after he exited the TV station for a comprehensive range of examinations.

You Qiuqiu felt there was no need for that, but before she could say anything, she opened her mouth and swallowed it back since Mr. Sheng’s gaze was rather frightening.

The entire series of tests went well, but during the brain examination, Sheng Shiyun wondered aloud, “Is there nothing wrong with her brain?”

You Qiuqiu, “…” Mr. Sheng, how could that be? There is nothing wrong.

The doctor is also certain that nothing is wrong.

So the three of them left the hospital.

You Qiuqiu felt compelled to say something.

She had decided to leave the entertainment industry before meeting Mr. Sheng.

But now it appears… as if there’s still a place to go around?

And Mr. Sheng didn’t hold it against her. Even if he wasn’t aware of the truth, he shielded her at first.

You Qiuqiu used to despise parents who protected their bear children indiscriminately, but once she became a bear child, she realized how fortunate she was to be protected, and it was impossible to deny that she was not moved.

So You Qiuqiu thought about the words and said, a little nervously, “Mr. Sheng, thank you.”

Sheng Shiyun: “En.”

Sheng Shiyun had the impression that he had underestimated You Qiuqiu. She began to fight, and whenever she did something, it was a huge one.

“Deduct salary.”

You Qiuqiu, are still young.

You Qiuqiu was full of emotion as she learned that her boss guarded her like a calf, but her emotions were shattered when she heard the words, “Deduct salary.”

Jiang Tao stared at You Qiuqiu, who had lost her dream on the left, and Mr. Sheng, who was driving and attempting to defend You Qiuqiu.

Qiuqiu didn’t intend to fight. She did it for the sake of her fans, and Zhou Yi’s actions were annoying.

Jiang Tao had been explaining it to Sheng Shiyun all along.

Sheng Shiyun, on the other hand, felt that You Qiuqiu should still be punished as a lesson. Why should she be so daring? Wouldn’t she pull a prank and use adult means to address the problem?

Injuring eight hundred enemies and losing a thousand armies is not good.

Furthermore, “She did not know she was wrong at all.” Sheng Shiyun said.

Jiang Tao shoved You Qiuqiu, who said it in a low, muffled voice.

“I was wrong.”

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