I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 42.3

Jiang Tao shoved You Qiuqiu, who said it in a low, muffled voice.

“I was wrong.”

Jiang Tao: Take a look! Qiuqiu knew that she was wrong.

Then she heard You Qiuqiu say quietly, “I dare to do it next time.”

Because Xingqiu is worthwhile.

Jiang Tao: “…”

Sheng Shiyun didn’t say much because he had already figured it out.

Sheng Shiyun sent Jiang Tao home after sending the rebellious You Qiuqiu home, but before Jiang Tao got off the car, Sheng Shiyun stopped her.

“If you experience this problem again, send her to the hospital as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate, don’t delay, and don’t wait for my orders. You Qiuqiu was the one who paid you your wage. She is your boss, and as her assistant, you should take care of her well.”

Jiang Tao was surprised for a moment before nodding to show that she knew. Although this is true, after being reminded by Mr. Sheng, Jiang Tao felt everything become obvious at once.

Zhou Yi told You Qiuqiu to wait, and there was no delay. The onslaught began that night, and it was a ferocious one.

First, there was a mystery disclosure on the Internet by a so-called well-known large V. During the recording of Celebrity Confrontation, a female star who had no work and had been on the hot search all day due to jealousy, took advantage of playing games and cruelly injured a small flower who had been working hard.

When it came to garnering the attention and debate of many people, the small flower was also the first to appear.

Zhou Yi shared a selfie of herself in a hospital bed, and the entire person appeared listless but compelled to brighten up and smile, accompanied by a fictitious chicken soup for the soul line.

Zhou Yi V: Even if you come across a tiger on the road, you must smile and continue your journey.

Fans of Zhou Yi can be disturbed by a selfie and a statement.

“I’m going to explode. What happened to Yiyi? She’s in the hospital. Was she harmed by a harlot while filming Celebrity Match? Is it serious?”

“She’s in the hospital? Is it serious? Start the human flesh quest to find that female star. I’m going to kill her. My goddess is so miserable…”

“Hot search female stars, no works, refer to You Qiuqiu. My sister doesn’t have many works, it’s very great to step on the hot search every time. Hehe.”

“You Qiuqiu… I used to think she was unusual. What sort of Buddhist character? Who knows what kind of person is in this circle? It’s revealing, disgusting!”

The “informed” big V has reduced the scope of the program, noting that someone is frequently on the hot search. There aren’t many female artists around Zhou Yi in the program show, and they can find You Qiuqiu by excluding them one at a time.

Zhou Yi’s fans were enraged, and they went to the comments section of You Qiuqiu’s Weibo and began cursing.

Passers-by on the Internet was also taken aback when they saw Zhou Yi.

Their first impression of Zhou Yi is positive, and she has a weak appearance. They have to mention that a strong smile on the hospital bed is easy to stimulate the urge to defend people, and they regularly see You Qiuqiu since she is frequently seen on various variety shows.

You Qiuqiu was lovely but down-to-earth. Everyone outside of the circle is related to her sand sculptures. Many people have emojis of You Qiuqiu on their phones.

Now the big V claims that You Qiuqiu purposely injured Zhou Yi out of envy.

Zhou Yi also posted a picture of being a victim on Weibo.

Some netizens believe Zhou Yi since they have known each other for a long time and she is the first to talk, while others want to wait and see. No one believes that unless You Qiuqiu says something to avoid hurting innocent people.

However, regardless of how unusual the sand sculpture Buddhist female artist is, the fact that she was brutal against the little flower and caused her to be admitted to the hospital was quickly spread on Weibo, and it became popular in an instant.

You Qiuqiu is actually like this?

But then–

“Look at You Qiuqiu’s Weibo. D*nm, it was a huge melon!”

Some netizens shouted in the comments, which drew everyone’s attention, and hurried to ask for the name of You Qiuqiu’s official V.

Zhou Yi uploaded a Weibo, and shortly after it became a popular search, You Qiuqiu’s company Weibo posted a video.

The text that goes with it is –

Restore the truth.

The video is nearly ten minutes long. The original film has not been edited, and many people have watched Celebrity Confrontation, and it is clear from the location that this is the recording scene.

Zhou Yi was climbing up the wall at first, and You Qiuqiu chased her and was climbing up not far behind her. It’s normal until this point, but then Zhou Yi does something that netizens can’t fathom. She shifted her gaze to the side, murmured a few words to You Qiuqiu, and then began kicking her head violently.

Netizens have already been taken aback by this kick.

The Zhou Yi personality is completely gentle and pleasant, and she is afraid of scaring others when she speaks loudly. Even a female artist known for her toughness couldn’t make a move to kick an undefended person in the head, could she?

The footage shows You Qiuqiu being kicked and staring blankly at Zhou Yi with her eyes open.

Zhou Yi kicked once, twice, and three times, knocking You Qiuqiu to the ground.

Even though You Qiuqiu avoided her head, her shoulder was kicked.

Across the screen, netizens have reported feeling a slight ache in their shoulders.

Zhou Yi kicked You Qiuqiu down, but she climbed back up, and was kicked again… Then You Qiuqiu stepped on Zhou Yi, climbed over the wall, and chased her with a large ball.

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