I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 42.4

In the second half, netizens were unconcerned with You Qiuqiu’s excesses and took them for granted.

So this is Zhou Yi’s path to meeting a tiger?

She is the one who initiated the attack!

Who is the bully? They once worried if the big V had led the two people to the wrong location.

“I came here with the idea of You Qiuqiu’s personality collapsing, but now Zhou Yi has collapsed in my heart.”

“D*mn, I don’t really like Yi, and I can’t get into any of the TV dramas she’s acted in. Why is she like this?”

“The head kick is too much for me, and just looking at it makes my head and shoulders throb.”

Of course, there are also Zhou Yi fans and “sympathetic” netizens who have started the victim’s guilt hypothesis.

Why does Zhou Yi kick You Qiuqiu but not other people?

You Qiuqiu must have done something to Zhou Yi previously.

And didn’t You Qiuqiu pull Zhou Yi’s foot and climb up her back? Zhou Yi also looked very painful.

They used some pretty confusing language.

Immediately following that, someone broke the news –

“I’m not a fan of either of these two female artists, but I can’t help myself. I think some things need to be said!”

“I didn’t want to stand up because I’ve always been hesitant and fearful of making trouble for my favorite brother, but after witnessing Zhou Yi pouring sewage on You Qiuqiu, I don’t think I can sit still. As a person who knows the truth, I must be brave and speak up for justice,” the blogger stated.

“At the start of the incident, Zhou Yi let her fans occupy the seats of other artists’ fans. At the time, there were dozens of people standing outside for a long time. There are pictures to prove it. You Qiuqiu’s fans Xingqiu tries to talk with Zhou Yi fans. During the negotiation, she was insulted by Zhou Yi’s fans and pushed to the ground. She was found by You Qiuqiu, who was going to record the show. You Qiuqiu came to negotiate with the staff to no avail, comforted Xingqiu, and said that she would take the first place for the outside Xingqiu. “

“After a few hours, You Qiuqiu truly ran out and announced she had won first place, and also informed all the fans present, including Xingqiu, that Zhou Yi had apologized to everyone, and told everyone to go home. Now I’m doubtful of Zhou Yi’s apologies.”

Finally, the blogger stated.

“If there is a quarrel between Zhou Yi and You Qiuqiu, it is basically for the fans who have not entered the venue. Whoever picks up the matter first can be seen along the timeline, and I want to confess to You Qiuqiu, I am envious of Xingqiu for a second. Being Xingqiu is a happy thing.”

Aside from such a lengthy Weibo post, there are also evidence images, information on being chosen by the program team, and standing outside for several hours without entering the venue.

The blogger used to chase stars. This Weibo has been used for a long time. She sends likes and comments to her favorite male artists daily. Various sales data shows she is not a fan of You Qiuqiu or Zhou Yi but just a passer-by.

It becomes a beginning and an end in an instant with this post, and then with the video.

Netizens can be called Sherlock Holmes.

“I paid close attention to You Qiuqiu’s lip shape. All she said to Zhou Yi was to apologize. Is she referring to the people outside who could have gotten in but couldn’t because of Zhou Yi?”

This is what came out. Following that, netizens fell silent for a while.

Then the collective curse words erupted.

This is too good to cry about!

What kind of fairy artist is this?

It’s just that You Qiuqiu is a Buddhist artist. Why has she suddenly become so powerful? Is it all for Xingqiu?!

The important point is that You Qiuqiu is like that, but Zhou Yi didn’t say it was her apologies, and You Qiuqiu was the one who said she apologized.

Zhou Yi, you have no heart!

Some netizens added: Not only was it for Xingqiu but also fans of other artists outside as well.

This type of double-arrow love is incredibly lovely. Fans like and care about artists, and artists are not among them. They can only look and not touch. She is also made of flesh and blood, and she is angry with fans.

More data was gradually being mined.

There was a part in front of the climbing wall where You Qiuqiu was running against Zhou Yi. She ran so fast that she fell.

The Photoshop God captured the photo on Zhou Yi’s hospital bed, and she was too sick to remember the beautiful function she used. Some people also claimed that Zhou Yi was in the hospital, but nothing happened to her, and her agent was quite loud in saying she was being hospitalized and consuming medical resources.

Xingqiu, who was knocked down by Zhou Yi’s fans, also shared images of her wound, but she wasn’t upset because she was hurt. She was upset because Qiu Cub was hurt for her and them.

Xingqiu is sobbing uncontrollably.

Why don’t you die, trash Zhou Yi?

Qiu Cub doesn’t have to work hard. Mom (Dad) doesn’t want you to compete for first place, and you don’t have to seek justice. You can do it well!

Immortal artists have internet fans, but they can’t have a lasting influence on them. After all, You Qiuqiu’s operation is stunning.

Not only that, but other people posted an alarm on Weibo.

The blogger who wrote the blog stated that this alarm was sent to her by You Qiuqiu’s assistant a long time ago. She was listening to You Qiuqiu’s Hero Song at the time and sent a message on Weibo praising You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu’s Hero Song gave her the confidence to go out at night. You Qiuqiu’s assistant unexpectedly contacted her and left her a message, telling her to study and pay attention to safety, as well as giving her this present.

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