I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 42.5

“That Weibo was a little more sarcastic. The alarm is really useful. One day, I passed through the alley and felt like there was someone behind me. After I pulled it off, it rang out, and that person was scared away. At first, I was not a Xingqiu, but after receiving the response, I became a Xingqiu, and I’m now proud to be a Xingqiu.”

Stone Hammer, fan!

Nobody expected such a paragraph to come out, bringing some warmth to the hostile homepage.

You Qiuqiu is an immortal artist, but she is also pretty and warm. Investing in stocks is not a waste of money!

As a result, the number of You Qiuqiu Support Club applications to join the group skyrocketed.

Zhou Yi had previously acted pitifully, and the connotation You Qiuqiu is a fearsome tiger. The truth is now being revealed to netizens one by one. Her appearance and the filter of TV series characters for several years have completely collapsed now.

You Qiuqiu who was waiting for Zhou Yi’s response and capital revenge, which may force her to leave the entertainment industry:??

What about capital revenge?

Have you begun yet?

Sheng Shiyun informed You Qiuqiu that the capital revenge had ended.

You Qiuqiu couldn’t be more startled, “Mr. Sheng, are you really rich? Can you withstand capital revenge?”

She remembered when she glanced through the comments, but she didn’t notice Zhou Yi’s charge, nor did she see Zhou Yi remove the hot searches that were hostile to her, which was completely inconsistent with her background cognition.

Maybe it was because Mr. Sheng spent a lot of money to get the bad news out?

You Qiuqiu even wanted to know how much it would cost, and she could give it to him. She was ready to leave the entertainment industry and become an unhappy, wealthy person.

But then You Qiuqiu had a more realistic thought.

That money would not allow her to make amends.

You Qiuqiu: “…” She doesn’t want it.

Sheng Shiyun assuaged You Qiuqiu’s fears. The capital revenge ended before it even started, because Zhou Yi’s backer fell.

Naturally, the more money you make, the more powerful you become, and naturally, it is not so clean. For a long time, the relevant departments have been monitoring Zhou Yi’s backer. Fortunately, after the fight between You Qiuqiu and Zhou Yi, Zhou Yi’s backer was apprehended and investigated.

Sheng Shiyun also overheard some news, such as how, before Zhou Yi’s backer was arrested, he was promising Zhou Yi how to make You Qiuqiu unable to get along in the entertainment circle.

Zhou Yi, who didn’t have a backer was just a familiar third-line actress.

Of course, this gossip is a little dirty, and Sheng Shiyun didn’t tell You Qiuqiu about it.

He said, “It’s all right.”

You Qiuqiu: Huh?

Many people have expressed their sympathies for You Qiuqiu. She has become a notoriously pitiful little girl because of this experience.

Shi Jing naturally also called her.

Shi Jing had a name in this war as well. She mentioned Zhou Yi explicitly on Weibo, saying she didn’t want this green lotus, and then added numerous soul expressions, such as vomiting and dog poo.

When Shi Jing opened her mouth, the first sentence You Qiuqiu heard was.

“I heard that Zhou Yi bitch kicked you with five steel plates on your shoulder?”

You Qiuqiu:?? Can she put five steel plates on her shoulders, especially considering Zhou Yi’s strength?

“… No.”

“Then you have a high fever of 39 degrees and have you worked for 25 hours?” Shi Jing asks.

You Qiuqiu, “…” She did not know what Shi Jing was talking about.

She was now slumped on the sofa, and her fingers were throbbing slightly.

The ache in her fingers was caused by her busyness in reviewing the members of the group for her fan support club. The administrators have been quite busy over the last two days, and You Qiuqiu could not avoid it.

Shi Jing told You Qiuqiu that she had read online comments in which netizens claimed that You Qiuqiu had been hit by steel plates and had a high temperature because of her 25-hour workday.

“That’s not the point. Let me tell you about a wonderful incident.”

“Zhou Yi took the stairs and broke her leg. According to the latest news, she is now in the hospital and won’t be able to leave for a while.”


Shi Jing was accompanied by deafening laughter once she finished speaking.

Didn’t Zhou Yi kick Qiuqiu? She broke her leg immediately and let her find herself cheap now that she’s okay.

You Qiuqiu, “Huh?”

Shi Jing couldn’t wait to tell her good sisters about the news and couldn’t help but sigh, “Qiuqiu, I’m pleased now that I didn’t have too much conflict with you at that time.”

People outside the circle may be unaware, but everyone inside the circle is aware that Zhou Yi’s fans have collapsed. Zhou Yi’s reputation has deteriorated since the battle with You Qiuqiu. Zhou Yi’s scenes will be cut for the ones where they are unable to change roles.

After all, she now has a poor reputation, and many netizens have stated that they do not want to see her.

Misfortunes don’t come singly. They arrive one after the other for Zhou Yi, and she has now fractured both of her legs.

Shi Jing exclaimed, “I’m relieved!”

On the other hand, she reasoned that she was lucky she didn’t fight You Qiuqiu on the show. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be her who was left cold?

Shi Jing made a rhetorical statement, “Qiuqiu, I wish to be your good sister for a lifetime.”

No one can offend You Qiuqiu. She truly regrets her earlier misbehavior.

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