I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 43.2

Is it because of Zhou Yi that she isn’t popular?

You Qiuqiu assumed Zhou Yi’s situation had ended. It was the first time she had found herself in a scenario where she was surrounded. To be honest, You Qiuqiu was confused.

But the one who is more confused than You Qiuqiu is the cameraman who was standing beside his companion. When You Qiuqiu wanted to flee, she instantly seized You Qiuqiu’s hand, and You Qiuqiu was caught.

The history is eerily similar, except that You Qiuqiu was previously caught by fans, but today she was caught by “paparazzi.”

You Qiuqiu: What’s the matter? Are the paparazzi that arrogant these days?

“Hello, I’m a reporter from the Life Channel of our local TV station, and I came here today mainly to interview the residents of the community about the phenomenon of manhole covers being stolen,” the “paparazzi” who grabbed You Qiuqiu claimed.

You Qiuqiu: Is the Life Channel reporter from a local TV station, not paparazzi?

The female standing next to the guy with the camera is a reporter for the local TV station Life Channel and was the one who captured You Qiuqiu.

Today, the Life Channel received a hotline call from locals reporting that manhole covers were frequently missing along the road in this town, and Life Channel reporters who lacked the subject matter rushed over with their colleagues.

They, too, want to shoot something intriguing and exhilarating, but there are so many exciting things to shoot every day that they don’t mind.

The important point is that they did not despise it, but they were unable to find someone ready to be interviewed. They had been squatting here for a long time and had only seen a few individuals.

They could only reach out and grab someone at that point.

The female reporter is afraid that the young girl in front of her is fleeing, so she says things a little provocatively. “Strive to be an excellent citizen and help others.”

You Qiuqiu’s attitude softened. It’s good not to be paparazzi, but she’s now just a passer-by to the other party, so it shouldn’t matter.

With a guilty conscience, You Qiuqiu drew her hat down, almost obscuring her eyes, and nodded to the female reporter.

It would be preferable if the reporter could refrain from pulling her in this manner.

The female reporters may relax now that they know the young girls in front of them will not flee and are willing to be interviewed by them.

She put down the hand that held You Qiuqiu and motioned to her colleague, who was carrying the camera, to begin shooting. The female reporter chose to speak with You Qiuqiu first.

“Why did you pull the hat so low? Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to have your eyes blocked?”

You Qiuqiu is dressed weirdly now, with only the delicate lower face revealed, and the female reporter is intrigued by this young girl’s attractiveness.

“It’s not uncomfortable. My eyes have been uncomfortable recently, and I’m afraid of the light,” she replied in a little milky voice. I’m sorry. She lied, she regretted, but there was nothing she could do.

Such a sentence quickly put an end to the female reporter’s plans to ask her to pull up her hat, and she felt that the other party was pitiful, suffering so much for not being able to see the light.

After lying about her hat, You Qiuqiu didn’t lie again when the reporter asked the opponent what her surname was.

There are many people in the country with the surname You.

Fortunately, the female reporter did not come here to interview someone about their daily lives. She brought up the matter, which was that the community’s manhole cover had lately been stolen. What are your thoughts as the community’s owner?

You Qiuqiu responded, “It’s extremely unfortunate. We have to reject and severely condemn this kind of behavior, which is not beneficial to social harmony and human progress.”

Her tone was very serious, and her words were serious.

For a brief period, the reporter was taken aback.

This awareness… is too high!

On the instant, she almost praised the opponent.

The TV station reporter was still concerned that the person she had snatched at random was unreliable and that she would be unable to say anything.

She even wanted to ask her about her high school politics score, which she thought should be high.

The question was pointed out at the start of the recording, and the answer was spot on, so the TV station reporter persisted in her efforts.

“Is there any inconvenience to the residents of the community because manhole covers are routinely stolen?”

From short answer to long answer.

“After the manhole cover is taken, if you don’t look closely enough, you will fall off accidentally, and if it is serious enough, it will even cause a catastrophe,” You Qiuqiu recognized an example was needed here and nodded to demonstrate her knowledge.

This was the best answer, according to the TV reporter.

“And since this road is the only access to the snack street,” the girl with the hat said, ” stealing manhole covers has a big influence on hungry diners, and it also makes it difficult for people to eat barbecue!”


The milky voice was filled with rage.

 TV reporter: Huh?

Even the colleague who was filming was taken aback. How did they discuss the snack street and the barbecue?

The TV station reporter was surprised to see a snack street at the end of the street and eventually urged You Qiuqiu to lead the way and have a look.

If You Qiuqiu had a lot of worries at first, she has entirely let go now and forget about it.

Of course, the hat was still snugly wrapped around her head, and she led a few individuals to the snack street.

A group of people traveled a few hundred meters and came to a fork in the road. The odors of many delicacies surged towards the people in an instant.

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