I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 43.3

Fresh, aromatic, numbing, and spicy!

The reporter noticed that the young girl was well-versed in this area, so she led them here without saying anything, and some people greeted her.

When it came to greetings, You Qiuqiu was still a little anxious, frightened of being exposed, but the aunts and uncles selling snacks didn’t address her by her first name, which was great.

You Qiuqiu acted as a tour guide, explaining to reporters one by one, that the iron plate tofu of that house is very smooth and tender, that the barbecue of this house is very authentic, that the pork belly is excellent, that it is best to burn it a little, and that the noodles could not be more fragrant with cumin and pepper.

The TV reporter had no idea what was wrong with her. Originally, it was merely a case of snatching a manhole cover, but she ended up running towards the food show.

She was carrying a tiny bowl of sizzling tofu in one hand and the girl’s strong recommendation for pig belly skewer in the other when she replied.

Reporter: “…”

It’s not over yet, because the cameraman has ceased working with the equipment. Because he didn’t have a free hand, he pleaded with her, “Give me pork belly again… aah.”

He stared at her with his mouth wide open, waiting for her to feed.

Reporter, “…” she began, putting the skewer in her colleague’s mouth with a blank smile and taking a puff.

Then she ate a lot of it herself because it couldn’t be eaten by her colleague.

Perhaps the other party is overly skilled at making recommendations. Every word conveys the delectability of the cuisine. It appears that going without food has become a sin. And neither the skewers of meat nor the sizzling tofu stepped on the thunder.

You Qiuqiu faced the barbecue stand, her stomach growling, but she nevertheless greeted the TV reporter and prepared to go.

She should have been done interviewing.

“Aren’t you going to eat it?” asks the reporter.

“Would you like me to offer you some strings?”

 You Qiuqiu: QWQ

Refused ten times.

She wants to lose weight, not gain it.

The temptation of food is strong, but You Qiuqiu has developed a conditioned response. When she thinks that everything she eats will result in sweating at the gym, You Qiuqiu believes she can handle it.

This is simply a trivial incident in You Qiuqiu life. After the Life Channel reporter returned with the material, she asked the director to edit it.

When the editor and director saw the blockbuster’s food footage, he thought his coworkers were water monsters. This material is far too watery!

He did, however, keep the food clips. After all, the original theme of their show was water, and it was a large ocean.

So, in the first part of the editing, Ms. You, an eager enthusiastic citizen, talked about manhole cover theft in the neighborhood, and in the second half, Ms. You, an enthusiastic citizen, showed everyone the food on the food street.

After the editing was completed, the TV life program broadcast the video at night.

You Qiuqiu is sitting around at home, paying attention to the fan support group.

Everyone was agitated and concerned about her safety, but they weren’t as good as Shi Jing, believing that five steel plates had been struck on her arm, but they were still in a bad mood.

So You Qiuqiu took the initiative and made a special post on Weibo to explain it to everyone.

Don’t worry, she’s okay now.

Xingqiu: I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, and you don’t have to put up with it. If you want to express something, Xingqiu will carry it for you.

Qiuqiu: But she’s okay.

You Qiuqiu didn’t know how to handle it better and even considered doing a live broadcast directly, despite the fact that the previous Mukbang account had been neglected for a long time.

Jiang Tao gave You Qiuqiu feedback.

“You don’t need to clarify, Qiuqiu. Everyone thinks you’re fine right now.”

You Qiuqiu was perplexed. Did the company explain it?

“…no, you’re on TV,” Jiang Tao says. It’s Life Channel.

The company clarified it for her?

No, it was the artist who went on TV and showed herself without spending a dime or wasting time, letting fans and netizens know she is suddenly incredibly good.

“That’s all…”

Jiang Tao paused for a moment before saying, “Everyone stated they wanted to buy your slippers and house wear.” It was a euphemism. In other words, she believed her slippers and home clothes were unattractive.

You, Qiuqiu:!! Is she on television?

Because of that interview?

You Qiuqiu considered it and remembered that she might be found in her slippers and home clothing because of this.

Yes, You Qiuqiu, an enthusiastic citizen, has been on TV under the name Ms. You, and the traffic of the local TV live channel should not be underestimated. It’s always been a favorite of both mom and dad.

This also implies that young friends will accompany their parents to watch.

So there are a lot of Xingqiu.

As a fan, particularly a loyal fan, they can rely on a hazy silhouette or a word to identify their idol.

Xingqiu examined it and discovered that something was wrong. Ms. You, an enthusiastic citizen on TV… It’s Qiu Cub, isn’t it?

They were surprised and had a surprise encounter with their Qiu Cub on TV, and when they saw You Qiuqiu righteously attacking the man who stole the manhole cover, saying that it was a normal scale. They then noticed You Qiuqiu yelling angrily because the manhole cover was missing.

Xingqiu: Qiu Cub is indeed Qiu Cub!

However, it can be confirmed that the Qiu Cub is in good health, that her spirit is still high, and that she can write a gourmet essay on the barbecue stall.

Xingqiu couldn’t wait to call their Weibo buddies, watch the xx channel, today’s xx program, and see Qiu Cub!

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