I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 43.4

The purpose of the first few Xingqiu is to reassure the companions. Xingqiu is concerned about Qiuqiu in the aftermath of Zhou Yi’s incident. Everyone may relax while watching Qiuqiu because the situation is favorable.

But other netizens noticed it as well, and when they followed the directions to find Ms. You, an enthusiastic citizen, they couldn’t stop laughing.

Let’s watch You Qiuqiu together, hahaha together.

D*mn! What a devout follower of God, Ms. You.

Cartoon house attire, Uncle Slippers, carrying a giant rubbish bag, and wearing a big hat. There is no trace of a female star’s aura. If her fans didn’t recognize it, neither would the netizens who could.

She wears a large hat and is afraid of being recognized by reporters, claiming that she has weak eyesight and cannot see the light?

The way You Qiuqiu answers and solve things is standardized and clean. Some netizens felt she did well! This is high school knowledge. They have an impression of her because she is in her freshman year and her high school knowledge has not been shredded.

To put it simply, they are interested in You Qiuqiu political or historical achievements in High School.

People were even more taken aback by You Qiuqiu’s statements regarding the food street later on. The manhole cover was missing, and diners were inconvenienced. She had a soft spot for that food street. Her back is also a little unsettling. They would like to…

Order 50 barbecues and eat them in front of You Qiuqiu so that You Qiuqiu can only watch and not run.

They have to say that netizens have captured the essence of You Qiuqiu and Xingqiu’s interaction, and Xingqiu also enjoys letting You Qiuqiu watch them eat.

Netizen: What’s the deal with You Qiuqiu? This woman grew up on everyone’s laughs!

You Qiuqiu realized she’d become a meme again since her various contact information had been flashing since Jiang Tao told her she was on TV and being recognized by followers.

You Qiuqiu didn’t worry too much about it. Everything is OK, everyone is happy, and Xingqiu is no longer concerned.

The only thing she was glad about was that she didn’t go to the BBQ at that time since she would have been spotted by the personal trainer and Mr. Sheng.

Mainly Mr. Sheng.

Fortunately, she is a lucky girl.

You Qiuqiu is watching the video of the big guys in the group. Xingqiu in her group is all-powerful girls (boys), who can not only Photoshop but also edit videos.

There is a Xingqiu that cuts her debut work together. In that regard, she does not have many works. The first is a web drama, and the second is a recent broadcast of “Ting Yu Pavilion.” The vegetative film has yet to be released, but it contains so little material that it must be trimmed into work with convoluted stories of love, hate, and separation.

You Qiuqiu discovered that because the material was insufficient, Xingqiu even used a portion of her performance in Hello Acting with Fang Shubai.

You Qiuqiu gave a strong like after watching the edited video. Then she glanced at the video for a while before uploading the photo saved from the Photoshop Boss in the group to Weibo. There was a big picture that had been Photoshop sand in the group. They say she can pick it up yourself.

She is completely smitten by this picture.

The image is a screenshot of the murderer she portrayed in “Ting Yu Pavilion.” From top to bottom, the vision is complete. The woman in black is hiding under the eaves from the rain, her head slightly elevated. The sidelines are exceedingly superb, and she is carrying a sword in one hand.

With tenderness in a heroic setting.

When he released this shot, the Photoshop tycoon blasted rainbow farts for a long time. What kind of cub’s beauty has broken him? He can’t get away from the cub’s beauty every day.

You Qiuqiu: Xingqiu is strong! This color tone, this depiction of the environment, is also far too appealing!

She even thought the appearance of the characters was a little unnecessary.

After You Qiuqiu finished uploading, she paused for two seconds to examine the photo’s color tone before receiving a call from Mr. Sheng.

“Hello, Mr. Sheng. I’m also looking for you.”

“You say,” the other side said.

You Qiuqiu: “That is, if there is a suitable drama, you can pick it up for me.”

Sheng Shiyun: “There is no drama.”

He is also fighting for You Qiuqiu, but there are still too few suitable roles. The role is difficult to obtain, her status is too low, and their company is weak.

You Qiuqiu, “Okay.” She knew what to do, and sure enough, she was stupid.

The tentative little foot shrank back.

“Then you called, Mr. Sheng…” What do you want?

Sheng Shiyun fixed his gaze on the screen. There was the photo that You Qiuqiu had just put on Weibo, and he looked down at the time when the fan support club Photoshop boss posted the picture on the mobile phone.

He… seemed to have discovered something.

Sheng Shiyun remained silent for a moment, then opened his lips, but said nothing. He then responded to You Qiuqiu.

“There is no drama, but there are two variety shows.”

The industry now recognizes You Qiuqiu as having a stalk. The drama did not discover her, and a better variety show would have welcomed her.

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