I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 44.1

Sheng Shiyun informed You Qiuqiu about two variety shows that arrived at the door.

Leisure Time one of the variety shows, is an old friend.

The ratings for Leisure Time were not bad when it first aired. Although it was not a particularly long variety program, with only a few shows, there were lots of laughs, and the whole mood was friendly and welcoming. Later, they accidentally helped local fruit producers by selling citrus, but they made a lot of unexpected harvests, and there is other news coming out all the time.

The fruit growers sold the unsaleable citrus, You Qiuqiu’s skin became yellow, and the after-sales service could not have been better.

The official V of Leisure Time has also been active, frequently reposting various people’s Weibo and reposting the lottery on Weibo some time ago, with the winner receiving a citrus cushion.

This variety show has received a lot of support from netizens, and the show’s team is also going with the flow and plans to continue the second season. You Qiuqiu was naturally invited as the show’s soul character.

You Qiuqiu is overjoyed to be invited to the second season of Leisure Time. Getting along with established program groups and guests is preferable to meeting new people.

“How about the other one?”

You Qiuqiu asked.

She remembered that Mr. Sheng had just said there were two.

“The second one is called Daughter’s Observation Diary, which I’m not sure whether you’ve seen. It’s a family observation and growth show.”

“This needs to be filmed at your home and requires uncle and aunt to appear on the scene. You need to ask your parents’ opinions,” Sheng Shiyun added after a brief pause.

The variety show Daughter’s Observation Diary is quite popular. It has been recorded across several seasons. It revolves around conversations between parents and celebrity daughters. Female artists face the same challenges as everyone else. Those who do not have an object are warned about finding the object, while those who have an object are urged to marry.

The original objective of the female stars on this show is, of course, to express themselves.

Sheng Shiyun’s discovery was unexpected.

It is reasonable to assume that the competition for this show is fierce, and they will not find someone who has a coffee position like You Qiuqiu. Sheng Shiyun kept in touch with the program team and got to know them a little. Sheng Shiyun rounded the corners, curious as to why the Daughter’s Observation Diary had discovered You Qiuqiu.

“I’m know form enthusiastic citizen Ms. You. You Qiuqiu’s home clothes and slippers are so interesting. She is still holding such a big garbage bag. Many netizens privately chatted with me that I must invite You Qiuqiu to appear on the show. They wanted to observe her,” the program group’s director laughed.

Sheng Shiyun: Okay, I see.

It’s still the resources You Qiuqiu gathered on her own, and it’s a particularly surprising one. It’s not an accident that happened to You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu told Sheng Shiyun to wait a moment and went to consult her parents after Sheng Shiyun finished speaking.

Sheng Shiyun waited for You Qiuqiu to return for a few minutes before saying, “My parents ran away…”

That’s what she said when she walked up to him.

Sheng Shiyun claimed he understood it because the elderly were shy or afraid and didn’t want to appear on camera, so he told You Qiuqiu, “Then I will push it.”

“Why push it?” You Qiuqiu was taken aback.

Sheng Shiyun:?

“My parents went out to the mall to buy clothes because they said the old clothes didn’t match the people who were going to be on TV,” You Qiuqiu said.

Sheng Shiyun rubbed the frame of his glasses as he heard this.

He has never met You Qiuqiu’s parents… Should he say, that it is rare for parents to raise such a daughter?

The two variety shows have been finalized, and You Qiuqiu has returned to the business world.

The daughter’s Observation Diary was the first show she needed to record.

They interacted immediately with You Qiuqiu after the program director greeted Sheng Shiyun. They agreed on an appropriate time frame for the program team members to install the machine in You Qiuqiu’s home. You Qiuqiu’s house is not small, and the decor is warm in the Chinese style.

The show’s producers were taken aback by the appearances of You Father and You Mother.

In general, if the parents are attractive, the children will be attractive as well. This is well known, but Daughter’s Observation Diary has previously been seen with many female artists and their parents. It is appropriate to use this fact to demonstrate that public knowledge is not always reasonable, especially when the majority of those involved are ordinary people.

You Father and You Mother are both middle-aged and well-preserved. They can still see how lovely they were when they were younger. You father’s attitude and looks are graceful, and You Mother and You Qiuqiu are 70% similar in appearance, so she is naturally beautiful.

Before recording, they conduct a routine interview.

You Qiuqiu was greeted by the host. Following You Qiuqiu’s introduction, following the host’s instructions, the host questioned You Qiuqiu, “What kind of person do you think you are?”

The host is getting bored of asking this type of question, and the responses are all the same.

Are you confident and optimistic? This is the most common type of personality. If they want to attend the show to whitewash, they will claim to be sensitive and vulnerable.

“I suppose I’m a boring person,” You Qiuqiu thought seriously for a moment.

Host:? Suddenly, I received an out-of-class response.

It’s even worse after waiting for the host to respond…

Is this talking to her!?

Didn’t You Qiuqiu break free from the siege by being obstinate and constantly appearing on the hot search, and now the person who has a unique personality and a variety of programs who likes to invite her tells she is a boring person?

The program group’s director believed You Qiuqiu’s response was fantastic.

He has already considered how the future program team will promote “Sand sculptor You Qiuqiu analyses her heart and honestly states that she is boring.”

Although this has not yet officially begun, as it is only a dessert before the meal, the director of the program team has already felt that it is appropriate to invite You Qiuqiu!

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