I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 44.2

You Qiuqiu did tell the truth. She thought she was quite uninteresting. What is interesting about being a salted fish? Of course, she didn’t dare say anything profound for fear of being looked down on by Mr. Sheng’s death eyes.

After the host regained his composure, he continued along with the script, “As an actor, do you have any new plans for the future?”

“The plan is fairly big,” You Qiuqiu says, “but it has not been realized.”

The host: “?” Why.

You Qiuqiu felt as if she had been trodden on a sensitive spot, but she faced it calmly, “Because no one asked me to shoot and I’m stupid.”

Host, “…” This is too real.

You Qiuqiu considered it and felt slightly embarrassed, but she went ahead and asked the host, “Can I market myself here?”

“… I will ask,” the host answered, having never heard of such a request before.

“Ask, thank you,” You Qiuqiu nodded.

After the host inquired to the program group’s director, the director agreed, slapped his leg, and exclaimed, “Let her proclaim!” Their program is not so traditional. He is willing to cooperate because he invited You Qiuqiu to come over, even if she intends to cause trouble. Let’s see what she can come up with.

You Qiuqiu cleared her throat in front of the camera after receiving permission from the program staff.

“Hello everyone, producers and directors. My name is You Qiuqiu, and I graduated from the Film Academy with a major in performance. If you have a suitable role, you can consider me. The price is not expensive, mostly because it’s cheap.”

The important word is “cheap.”

You Qiuqiu added a new sentence.

“If you find me after seeing the Daughter’s Observation Diary, you can still earn a wage reduction if you disclose my name and call…”

You Qiuqiu showed a painful expression.

If you can’t endure the sacrifice, you won’t be able to locate a film if you can’t get a discount, which means the major boss of the fan support club won’t be able to produce editing work in this vicious circle.

So You Qiuqiu clenched her teeth and said, “You can have a 99% discount.”

The host and employees who are waiting for this enormous discount after seeing You Qiuqiu’s expression:…

You Qiuqiu, she is generous!

You Qiuqiu, too, believe she is very generous. After all, every penny of the social animal is hard-earned money! It is difficult to earn every penny, and it cannot be disappointed or looked down upon.

If someone truly underestimates her, kindly contribute to her thank you fund.

To be honest, when You Qiuqiu was a child, she had a naïve dream. With so many people in the country, wouldn’t she gain a fortune and not need to work if everyone donated a yuan to her? Of course, You Qiuqiu quickly realized it was wishful thinking.

Filming for the show has officially begun.

The cameraman knocked on Yuu Qiuqiu’s door, and You Qiuqiu, who was dressed casually, opened the door and poked her head out.

The videographer quickly focused on You Qiuqiu’s house clothes and slippers.

Last time, You Qiuqiu went out to take out the rubbish in her on-fire attire. It doesn’t get any simpler than cartoon house clothes, Uncle’s version of plastic slippers, and a giant bag of garbage, all while wearing a cap with no sense of design.

Ms. You’s identical style and the sales are truly good?

When the cameraman from Daughter’s Observation Diary first arrived in You Qiuqiu Community, he immediately proceeded to the Internet celebrity snack street recommended by You Qiuqiu’s fans and checked out the iron plate tofu and BBQ.

Just didn’t get a successful check-in.

Because the snack street is crowded, if he wants to eat barbecue, the number of essentials has already been lined up for more than 100.

Naturally, the cameraman’s attention is still drawn to You Qiuqiu’s home clothes and slippers.



You Qiuqiu went closer towards the cameraman, but she had already seen through the program team’s plan.

I’m sorry, but her cartoon home attire and plastic slippers have been forcibly put away at Mr. Sheng’s request.

You Qiuqiu is still dressed at home, but it’s the kind of low-saturation solid color, low-key and luxurious. Mr. Sheng had sent it to her, but You Qiuqiu didn’t think it was better than her own.

The show’s crew felt a little disoriented without You Qiuqiu’s home attire.

“What do I need to do?” You Qiuqiu asked the program team.

How does she need to cooperate?

You Qiuqiu would become more responsible as long as the money is present.

The answer given by the program group is: Be yourself.

You Qiuqiu nodded, showing that she had comprehended.

“Then I need to… sleep now. Perhaps you can let the camera film there. Do you guys rest first?”

It’s seven o’clock in the morning, and You Qiuqiu woke up early to record the show. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to get up at this hour without work.

This is being yourself.

The program team was taken aback, but in the end, they let You Qiuqiu be herself. After all, they had only just begun their mission.

So You Qiuqiu walked into her bedroom and proceeded to hide under the quilt, while a little camera was set up in her bedroom ahead of time so that the program team could observe what she was doing.

The program’s director found bright spots, such as You Qiuqiu’s quilt, which is a flower quilt and is the favored style of the mother’s generation.

Even though there was no picture of You Qiuqiu’s cartoon home clothes or uncle’s slippers, the quilt can be considered recompense.

Sheng Shiyun never considered it. He took every precaution, even preparing a whole pair of identical house clothes for You Qiuqiu, and then collapsed on the quilt once again.

However, the flower quilt was purchased by You Qiuqiu’s mother, and You Qiuqiu felt that covering everything was sufficient, so he did not confront You Qiuqiu.

The program team’s director assumed that You Qiuqiu would fall asleep and wake up within an hour at most, and he merely glanced at the other girls’ scenario.

Some have finished yoga, some are cleaning up, and yet others are preparing a heartfelt meal for their parents.

After a half-hour of staring at the scene, You Qiuqiu did not move.

You Qiuqiu stayed still for an hour.

Two hours.

Three hours…

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