I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 44.3

It’s nearly midday, and the people in the quilts haven’t moved at all. You should know that the plots of other daughters are all going to invite the opposite gender in the entertainment industry to launch idol dramas online, or else the daughters and their parents will be at odds and conflict.

On the other hand, take a look at You Qiuqiu.


The show’s director was astonished, and if it weren’t for the small fluctuations in the quilt You Qiuqiu was covering, he may have thought she’d gone asleep.

This is too sleepy!

He had considered having You Qiuqiu over. She may cause trouble, and he didn’t expect to spend money to discover a sleeping deity and buy a lonely one.

Even if You Qiuqiu could sleep, no, no, she could sleep. The director of the program group believed it was too unrealistic.

How about You Qiuqiu’s parents?

Shouldn’t the insane wake-up call service be activated?

You Qiuqiu was not woken up by her parents but by her mobile phone alarm clock. After all, she still remembered that she was recording a show, and she couldn’t be herself too much, even though the show crew asked her to be herself.

She could sleep till it became dark if she were herself.

You Qiuqiu finally got up with difficulty after she turned off six or seven successive alarm clocks.

She still remembered that Sheng Shiyun had specifically directed her to put on a mask designated by the show group’s title business. Now that she had awoken, she proceeded to the restroom to wash her face and then went to take off the mask paper.

No matter what age the female artist is without makeup, it is a topic that never gets tired of talking about.

Then, after observing You Qiuqiu cleaned her face…

Is there a difference?

She used to be plain, all the same.

The mask then smeared all over her face and became adhered to her neck.

When several female editors saw the scene, they were moved to tears and felt hurt. They also put on this mask and murmured that some of them were not enough, and they had to slap it.

What a small face.

You Qiuqiu played with the phone for a bit while she waited for the mask, then she went to the next door and knocked.

“Wake up, Mom.”

“… I don’t want to,” a voice inside said.

The program’s director finally understood why You Qiuqiu slept till noon without any disturbance from her parents, because the style of this family is not the same. You Qiuqiu woke up at noon, but You Mother hasn’t yet woken up.

You Father got up very early for work, and the pet turtle was the first living thing in this family to get up.

After You Qiuqiu awoke, she did not contact her friends of the other gender in the circle to go out to play, nor did she display any earnings. Instead, a mother and daughter who looked very similar waited at home for You Father to feed them.

Even though You Father yelled that he wanted to overwhelm You Mother, he failed. If you don’t let your wife win, you will lose your wife; even if some people win, their wives are gone.

You Father, know what is more important and what is less important.

The cameraman, who had been resting for most of the day, returned and resumed recording.

Then they discovered that the show had changed.

It smells like fried chicken with garlic sprouts, braised pork, squirrel mandarin fish, and braised prawns.

Isn’t this truly Daughter’s Observation Diary?!

Tears welled up from the corners of their mouths.

No one would have guessed that You Father, who dressed elegantly like a professor at a prestigious intellectual university, could cook such a delicious dish. The fresh ingredients were thrown into a small iron pot, and after stirring and adding various seasonings, the aroma quickly became overpowering.

The dishes were bursting with taste, color, and aroma, and a full table was set up in no time.

For a brief while, the program group’s director was stunned. This is bad, he felt hungry!

The program group’s director is still not at You Qiuqiu’s residence, and the cameramen who are there can’t tolerate it.

Oh, no!

You Qiuqiu felt that she had probably slept all morning, which was not appropriate right now, so she explained the taste of the dishes to everyone. Mukbang live broadcasted it as her old business, but she usually broadcast it to netizens on her mobile phone, but this time she broadcast it to the camera… Temporarily broadcast it to the program team, and then broadcast it to the audience.

Cameraman: Thank you, but they don’t want to watch it.

But just put up with it.

“This meat is my favorite, with a little of pork,” You Qiuqiu said as she ate a mouthful of fried pork with garlic sprouts. “It’s both fat and thin, and there’s not a lot of fat. My father’s frying is a little spicy, and our family likes the spicy one, charred and crunchy.”

“The braised pork is sweet, it melts in your tongue. It is especially appropriate for mixing with rice. If you add the braised pork soup, it would be better,” she said, picking up another piece of braised pork.

While speaking, You Father helped You Qiuqiu put a tablespoon of braised meat broth to the rice in front of her. The white, plump, and well-defined rice was covered with the caramel color of braised meat, which was simply attractive and a crime.

You Qiuqiu thanked her father and continued to taste and explain other dishes, such as the prawns, which were tasty and fresh, and the squirrel mandarin fish, which was super tender.

You Qiuqiu eats delectably and speaks enticingly, not to mention she demonstrates it.

Cameraman: Don’t call him. He’s already dead.

You Qiuqiu’s family is not as frantic. You Father specially cooked a large amount of each dish and served it to everyone before eating. Even though the material on You Qiuqiu’s side was nearly shot, You Mother still warmed it up and brought out the dishes specially prepared for them.

“You’re all hungry. It’s noon, and it’s a lot of work.”

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