The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 40.1

Xu Qiu’s humble building was completed at night, and the robots stopped working and returned to the yard to charge.

Jin Xingxing transformed into a big fox and attempted to burrow into her cub’s bed, but Xu Qiu prevented her.

“Come here, Ms. Jin. You have a place to live now.”

The other cubs’ fluffy ears perked up when they heard Xu Qiu’s comments.

“Dormitory, what dormitory?”

Things at kindergarten have previously been touched in secret by the cubs, so new things are especially appealing.

Xu Qiu had no intention of concealing this.

“Because there isn’t enough space in the kindergarten, I asked the assistants to help me build a dormitory for the employees.”

“No wonder No.1 and No.2 didn’t show up today,” the cubs understood.

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