The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 40.2

There are additional faucets inside the kindergarten, but they are typically covered, and the water in the sink is also for them to drink, so they are not allowed to play.

Lily, the small fox, is of the fire element and has no desire to play with water. She went for a walk after experiencing it.

The two water cubs are uninterested, and their home is considerably larger than such a small pool.

Bai Sa, like a cat, moved away after circling, but the sandy small green snake enjoyed it a lot. He stopped the sinkhole with the tip of his tail and then instantly stopped the flow of water out of the sink.

When the water is almost full, he loosens the tip of his tail, releases the water, waits for it to go down, plugs it again, waits for it to fill again, and continues the process.

“Don’t press it indiscriminately. Our place is not rich in water resources, so we must save water,” Xu Qiu said coldly behind the cubs.

The kindergarten’s water supply is provided by groundwater.

It stands to reason that the entire planet’s water resources are accessible for them to enjoy, and regardless of how low the reserves of groundwater are, they can spend them to death, yet Xu Qiu is still habitually teaching the cubs to conserve energy.

Yuan Jiu, who was apprehended, took two short steps forward by accident because the space exposed under the faucet grew larger, and the small water column developed into a massive water column, dumping Yuan Jiu into a drowning bird on the spot.

Xu Qiu took it down and let the annoyed, unlucky bird blow his tangled hair with the induction blower.

The little green snake in the water feigned to drown, spit out two bubbles, and lay on the water’s surface with its belly turned over.

“You’re really ah.”

Xu Qiu poked the little green snake’s belly, but there was nothing she could do. When he saw that Xu Qiu wasn’t upset, he flipped over, crawled onto Xu Qiu’s elbow, and created her a “Jade” bracelet.

Xu Qiu took the cubs to the second floor after they had done visiting on the first floor.

Except for the common space, a sanitary napkin in the shower room, and a small balcony, the second floor is a dormitory of 200 square meters, with the rest being rooms.

The system favored Xu Qiu’s room, which was forty square meters in size. She had her own bathroom, dressing table, and cloakroom.

Of course, there is currently nothing in the cloakroom, and whatever she wishes will be paid for by the system mall.

The system’s decision to make her cloakroom so large is not unreasonable.

Seeing as the room was empty, Xu Qiu did not wish to purchase anything. After all, the money spent on Xu Qiu would be repaid to her sooner or later.

All of Xu Qiu’s belongings had been moved into this room.

When You Yu looked up, she noticed the little lamp she had built for Xu Qiu.

“What is this, Principal?”

“Yes, this is what you drew for me before. I like it very much, so I moved to a new building,” Xu Qiu said with a smile. ” I shall take these works with me wherever I go in the future.”

“In the future, the childcare room will be the office, and I will stay there during recess,” she continued.

It is preferable to keep work and life apart.

You Yu’s eyes glowed like stars, and she silently resolved to paint more and better works and then present them to the principal.

When the cubs arrived, she removed the decorations that the system had given to Xu Qiu so that the visiting cubs and big fox would not feel off balance.

Nonetheless, Xu Qiu’s decorated room was vibrant.

Small potted plants on the balcony, lovely quilts like tofu blocks, overcoats hung on the shelf, and other cub-related items.

Beautiful bookmarks, a collection of cub-related works, and paintings by Xu Qiu.

Everyone lingered in Xu Qiu’s room for a bit before turning around and heading to the big fox’s.

“In the future, you will live in this room, and I will give you the key. Of course, you can replace a door lock on your own.”

“Mom, why is there nothing in your room?” Lily asked in her milky voice.

“This… Mom hasn’t moved in yet,” the big fox said, touching her face. “When I move in, it will become even more gorgeous.”

She was inspired at this time to be ambitious and excel in her job so that she would not be looked down upon by the cubs.

Everyone wandered around the new dormitories, and their feet became rooted, so they were reluctant to leave.

“Principal, can I stay and live with my mother?” asked Lily. ” Don’t worry, I will not cause you any problems.”

Jin Xingxing was moved when Lily expressed this.

Yes, she can’t live with Lily, but Lily, her baby girl, can move out and live with her. What a genius.

When she peered into Xu Qiu’s eyes, she forcibly swallowed before she could say anything.

Forget it, she will be here a long time, and judging by the principal’s attitude, she knew Xu Qiu would not agree.

Xu Qiu’s disagreement this time does not exclude her from disagreeing in the future.

Regardless, the cubs are old enough to live on their own with their mother.

If parents want it, the school can also commute.

It’s just that the other cubs are now “living on campus,” Lily is the only one who attends school during the day, and her mother is the new kindergarten teacher.

It’s not fair to have to deal with childlessness, and if she accepts, it will be unfair to the other cubs.

But Xu Qiu couldn’t summon a mother for the other cubs. Bai Sa’s mother had only left one fur coat.

With her hands behind her back, Xu Qiu gazed around the kindergarten’s other rooms.

A thought popped into her head: “What do you think of the new dormitory?”

“It’s lovely.” “It’s fun.”

The main difference between this new house and the one where they have been under house arrest for so long is the feeling of being in this new house.

They would not be happy to live there if it weren’t for the lack of a good location to live in.

“That’s good,” Xu Qiu responded. ” The rest of the rooms in the dorm are empty. I intend to convert them into a new dormitory. What are your opinions?”

“That’s wonderful,” the cubs exclaimed. “I’d like to live in a new dorm!”

“We would like to live with the principal.”

“Ahem. Don’t be too enthusiastic,” Xu Qiu said, “if you want to move to a new dormitory, you must follow the regulations.”

When Xu Qiu was in high school, she would switch to a new teaching building as a freshman and sophomore.

There must be a valid reason for the kindergarten cubs to change places.

The cubs want to get out of here, and their current learning development is a little slow.

She smiled slightly and played the trump card that drew these rowdy cubs back to class: “Everyone has been studying for more than a month. Following that, we will conduct a monthly exam. Only the cubs who have passed can move into the new dormitories.”

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