The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 37.2

“Yeah, sure, yes, Boss Wang likes tea. You see, we’re not very good at this,” a man said.

“I also know a thing or two about tea, Mr. Wang, and this is for you.” Bai Xi took a steel tea box from her backpack. Jing Xuan recognized the leaves were from a famous tea, worth a lot of money, as soon as he swept the logo on them.

“No, thank you, I don’t drink this kind of tea.” Jing Xuan continued to speak gently. However, the rejection was clear.

“Mr. Wang….” Bai Xi was ready to say something else when her strapless top shook, giving Jing Xuan a headache.

He reached out and stopped Bai Xi in his tracks. Then he noticed the girl with the surname Xu, who was sitting tight in her seat with her head down after pouring the drink.

“Are you a college student?”

Xiao Xu raised her head in surprise when she met Jing Xuan’s gaze. She moved away and nodded gently.

“Come sit down.” Jing Xuan nudged Bai Xi’s spot with his chin.

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