Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 37


Gu Weiwei was taken aback by the kiss. When she reacted and struggled, the man’s scorching tongue had already wrapped around her soft tongue, and her lips and tongue were filled with the man’s distinct breath.

She leaned back and tried to avoid the man, but he leaned over to follow her, and she eventually collapsed uncontrollably on the table.

When she fell, one hand supported the back of her head and gently rested her head on the table to keep her head from hitting the bottom.

The man’s invasive kiss, however, did not end there.

Gu Weiwei pressed against the man’s chest but was unable to move him, but she accidentally pushed aside the neck of his loose bathrobe and immediately stroked the man’s tight chest muscles.

She bit the man’s lips fiercely in a hurry, and the sweet smell quickly spread between the two’s lips and tongues.

Fu Hanzheng was in pain, so he let go of her lips, reached out, and wiped the blood from her lips with a twinkle in his eyes.

Then he drew her up and sat up, but he didn’t let go of her.

“What are you trying to confirm?” Gu Weiwei yelled angrily, gasping for air.

His thin lips were blood-red, and his brows were light with a smile. The human heart’s demon.

“Make absolutely sure that I’m interested in you.”

And it tasted unbelievably good.

Gu Weiwei took a deep breath, forced herself to calm, and said seriously, “Mr. Fu, I used to be the one who offended you. I apologise to you, but now I’m not interested in you at all!

If it’s because I wasn’t gentle enough that night, give me another chance and you’ll be satisfied,” Fu Hanzheng said, stretching out his fingertips and pinning the girl’s tangled hair on the side of her face behind his ear.

Taking away a girl’s first night with such brutality is not the grace and gentleness that a man should have.

Gu Weiwei was shivering with rage, and she was already doing everything she could to avoid this deadly man. She had no idea how she had provoked him, and it had all of a sudden become such an uncertain relationship.

“Mr. Fu, I approached you previously only to take advantage of you and to reclaim everything in the Mu family.”

“You can now continue to take advantage of me.” Fu Hanzheng’s tone was exceptionally compassionate and gentle as he glanced at the girl’s star-like eyes. ” As long as you are my woman, I can help you reclaim everything in the Mu family, and I can also help you deal with those people.”

“No need. I know from the Li family’s achievements that rich men are untrustworthy. Therefore, I have to rely on my ability to reclaim what is mine.” Gu Weiwei suppressed her rage. If she hadn’t known she couldn’t beat him, she would have wanted to beat him right now.

“Please move out of the way now.”

“On your own ability?” I can make it impossible for you to move inside China,” Fu Hanzheng joked.

“Do you have to be so cruel to a teenage girl, President of the Dignified Fu Family’s Chaebol?” Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth.

“Businessmen are always treacherous and unscrupulous in order to get what they want.” Fu Hanzheng smiled half-heartedly.

Gu Weiwei locked her gaze on the man’s deep black pupils. Then killing me isn’t such a huge problem. Anyway, I’ve already lost so much, and losing another life isn’t a huge problem.

Fu Hanzheng lifted her from the table, reached out, and gently touched her head to console her.

“Good night, go to sleep.”

Gu Weiwei returned to the room, locked the door, and placed all of the desks and cabinets behind the door.

 Mu Weiwei really wanted to kill herself. How could she stir Fu Hanzheng’s emotions?

Now that she has slept with Fu Hanzheng, he is like a beast whose seal has been broken. The period of estrus has started to arrive.

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