Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 38


When Gu Weiwei awoke early in the morning, she did not dare open the door and went out. She listened intently to the movement outside, intending to wait until Fu Hanzheng had left before stepping out.

Fu Hanzheng awoke early as usual to wait for Xu Qian’s appearance with his clothes and luggage for a business trip.

“Don’t you need to ask Miss Mu to come with you?” Xu Qian asked the man who was sitting there gracefully drinking coffee.

“No, she doesn’t want to see me now,” Fu Hanzheng said, looking at the closed door.

Xu Qian was confused by his boss’s treatment towards women. When Miss Mu chased him every day, he used to think others were pestering him.

Now that Mu Weiwei is no longer harassing him, he is harassing others, which is… twisted.

Fu Hanzheng ate breakfast and was ready to leave for the company when the time came.

Along the way, he read the documents from the morning meeting and occasionally explained a few words to Xu Qian, who was driving. Inadvertently, he looked out the car window and noticed a flower store beside the road opening.


 Xu Qian hurriedly pulled over and stopped. He turned his head, and asked, “Boss, what’s the matter?”

“To apologize to the person, what sort of flowers are appropriate to send?” Fu Hanzheng asked, looking at the flower store by the roadside.

Xu Qian looked at him curiously and said, “Yellow Rose or Lily,” based on his experience apologizing to his girlfriend.

“Go out and get it, yellow rose.” Fu Hanzheng said. He really scared her last night.

Xu Qian exited the car and walked to the flower store to purchase a bouquet of yellow roses. When he returned, Fu Hanzheng was already in the driver’s seat.

He wrote a line of words and placed it in the flower as soon as he stretched out his hand and removed the card from the flower.

“You don’t need to go to the company. Just send the flowers to the apartment.”

Xu Qian stood at the side of the road, watching the black Rolls-Royce Phantom drive into oncoming traffic. He resignedly took a taxi back to the Jinxiu Apartment, looking down at the yellow rose in his palm.

For the first time in his life, his family’s CEO considered delivering flowers to girls. Of course, he had to give it his all to complete such an important task.

Jinxiu Apartment

Gu Weiwei heard Fu Hanzheng was leaving, so she struggled to move the table and cabinet behind the door and rushed out to wash, ready to see Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian.

She ran into Xu Qian, who was going to knock on the door with a flower in his hand, as soon as she changed her clothes and opened the door.

“Miss Mu, the boss requested that I bring it for him.”

Gu Weiwei looked at the vivid yellow roses. Because yellow roses are the flowers of apology, does he wish to apologize for violently kissing her last night?

Xu Qian waited for a moment, seeing that she wasn’t going to pick it up. He then went straight into the door and placed the flower on the table.

“This is the first time the boss has given flowers to a girl, Miss Mu. I hope you enjoy it.”

Gu Weiwei did not embarrass Xu Qian but she asked worriedly, “Assistant Xu, your boss is going on a business trip today?” Gu Weiwei remembered what Fu Hanzheng mentioned yesterday about going on a business trip.

“Well, the plane is leaving at eleven o’clock.” Xu Qian responded truthfully.

“How long will it be?”

“Three days.”

“It’s fine, let’s go,” Gu Weiwei said while nodding.

If he has to leave for three days, she will be safe for those three days, but she needs to find a place to live as quickly as possible because she can no longer survive in this wolf lair.

As soon as Xu Qian stepped out, she went downstairs and dumped the flower into the garbage can.

Simultaneously, at the Fu Group’s meeting room, Fu Shiqin and other company officials were all staring at Fu Hanzheng’s unclear wound on his mouth.

Fu Shiqin believed he had sent Mu Weiwei back to the Jinxiu Apartment the night before, and he had never returned to the Tianshui Villa. The wound was so close to his lips that he didn’t have to think about it to know he’d been kissed.

So he sent a text message with a gossip tone: Mu Weiwei, did you sleep with my brother again last night?!

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