The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 41.1

The system’s side tasks surfaced as soon as Xu Qiu finished speaking.

[Teaching and educating others 1: Prepare test papers that meet the cubs’ standards (0/5). Task rewards: a standard printer and a stack of exam papers (1000 sheets)]

Xu Qiu didn’t have to write all the cubs’ test papers if she had a printer.

She will give the robot some simple commands, and if she wants the assistants to perform new tasks, she will have to build new programs.

Xu Qiu’s grasp of science and engineering has always been quite basic. If there is any complex function that she cannot fix, she will require the help of 008 experts. Of course, gold coins would be involved.

Because renovating the dormitories is not a system task, she does not prioritize it. Xu Qiu devotes two hours every day to design, and the monthly test is scheduled after a half-month period.

To give the cubs more time to prepare, as well as to surprise them, the newly built dormitory is temporarily closed to the public, and she has also changed the date of the test.

Literature and language (Interstellar Common Language), mathematics, biology, science, ideology, and morality are among the six tests.

The first few subjects are required for the cubs of this era. Xu Qiu included the ideological and moral aspects given the cubs’ unique circumstances.

She had no intention of teaching the cubs to be pure and gentle little fools, but she hoped they would develop into adults with values and bottom lines.

She would wait until the end of the first semester to take the tests for safety education classes, music, art, and sports.

No cub, such as You Yu and Zhu Niang, wanted to fall behind in the first exam. These good students listened closely and did not slack off during this time.

The cubs, who were normally lazy, became more concentrated as well, and Bai Sa opened his eyes more frequently in class.

There will be no failed cubs as long as they are more serious.

During the afternoon self-study class on the fourth day of the student dormitory remodeling, Xu Qiu entrusted the cubs to the little assistant to care for and called Jin Xingxing.

Xu Qiu assigned a challenging task to the new intern teacher: “Teacher Jin, you and I shall write the test paper for this exam.”

“My level may not be good,” Jin Xing scratched her hairy pointed ears.

To avoid disturbing Xu Qiu’s teaching schedule, Xu Qiu taught the main subjects of language, mathematics, and biology.

Jin Xing is currently teaching art, music, and physical education to these kindergarten students.

When she is more adept, Xu Qiu will, at the very least, teach her some courses.

Because the cub was smarter than Xu Qiu imagined, they couldn’t possibly take online classes at their age.

Everyone’s learning level differs, Xu Qiu intends to separate the cubs into two classes.

One moves more quickly, whereas the other moves more slowly.

There are a few cubs are in their teens.

Like Hua Lan, he can survive on a small amount of sunlight. But he has a long life and takes his time learning. It doesn’t matter, but the other cubs are different. Some can grasp it in a single day.

Xu Qiu thinks that they will be able to learn more and will not face discrimination due to a lack of culture.

At such a moment, Jin Xingxing may need to be in control of a class, but she still has to be in charge of everything.

Xu Qiu complimented her: “You don’t have to underestimate yourself because Teacher Jin takes her teaching very seriously and at a high level. And you’ve already taught kindergarten lessons, so the subjects will be rather straightforward.

Xu Qiu decided to make the questions on the first exam a little simpler. The subjects are all related to what she has already said.

The basics are the most basic in the first semester of a small kindergarten class. Even a mediocre student like Jin Xingxing can get started quickly.

Xu Qiu assigned Jin Xingxing to all of the subjects in which she excelled. Jin Xingxing did her homework meticulously because it was for her daughter.

She made the error of being too advanced when she presented her first lesson. The information was comprehensive, but it was also boring and dry. The cubs that were listening to it had their heads tilted bit by bit and they fell asleep.

After the first class, Xu Qiu offered some suggestions in private. Jin Xingxing was more down-to-earth the second time.

Jin Xingxing has transformed into a big fox these days to better blend into the kindergarten and provide more natural teaching.

She was nervous at first, but she showed no signs of fear during this teaching.

Xu Qiu sat in the back of the classroom and watched it. Jin Xingxing’s voice was soothing and lovely, and she enjoyed using herself as an example to narrate stories that made the cubs go “wow.” Even as an adult, she found it interesting.

“I’m not as good as you said.”

As a celebrity, Jin Xingxing has gotten a lot of slander for no reason, as well as countless fanatical compliments from fans.

She also has received a lot of praise in her field for her outstanding beauty and acting abilities.

But it was the first time she was recognized for teaching and educating people, and she felt a little shy about it subconsciously.

Fortunately, Jin Xingxing’s face was covered with thick fox fur, and the fur was still bright red. Xu Qiu couldn’t tell if she was blushing or not because she was in animal shape.

“Actually, I have already circled the scope of the papers, so you can first see whether there is anything to add and whether the difficulty range is appropriate,” Xu Qiu said, pushing the stack of papers into Jin Xingxing’s palm.

Jin Xingxing took a seat across from Xu Qiu. She had a look at it, and the first copy was still a handwritten piece of paper: “The principal did a good job.”

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