The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 41.2

She believed she shouldn’t be able to help.

First, let’s have a look at it. This is the first time I’ve done something like this.

Or do you think you’re not part of the kindergarten, and you won’t need to do these things in the future?Xu Qiu said back.

The cubs are not the same as the adults. The cubs don’t understand anything and must be taught by the adults step by step. Xu Qiu can push the cub so they can understand more.

But Jin Xingxing is an adult, and she must learn to think for herself and express constructive thoughts.

After all, Xu Qiu is only one person, and even a clever person will make a mistake, not to mention that she is simply a more cautious and serious ordinary person.

“I didn’t think so!” 

The big fox swiftly reacted, without offering any more excuses, and looked down at the copy of the test paper, written by Xu Qiu seriously.

Xu Qiu took a sip of the jasmine water and stared at the former star.

Previously, Jin Xingxing had to be bright and beautiful on the outside for the sake of her image.

Despite having the beautiful fur of the fox family, she will never change into her full form. At most, she takes photos with fox ears and foxtails and wears sexy or pure uniforms to give benefits to fans.

Now, Jin Xingxing has become a big fox in kindergarten for the sake of the cubs. The only difference between her and the cubs is that her big fox is still wearing blue jeans.

Even though it’s a big fox, you still have to protect your privacy and can’t run around naked in front of strangers.

Because Jin Xingxing has a particularly attractive appearance, she also wore frameless spectacles, which diminished her charm and made her appear more like an ordinary teacher.

When she was in the physical education class, she completely abandoned her former star image and she would rush when she should. For the sake of convenience in caring for the cubs, the clothing she packed has been casual for two days, and she alternates between wearing sports clothes and denim clothes.

After considering these factors, Xu Qiu concludes that Jin Xingxing is a good mother who loves her children.

Xu Qiu asserted: “The subjects are relatively heavy throughout the exam. Let’s take turns supervising the exam. In addition, once the exam is completed, you will be promoted from intern to full-time kindergarten teacher.

Intern teachers work for free and are not paid. The formal teachers are different, but the kindergarten is so poor that Xu Qiu cannot afford to pay a large wage. For Jin Xingxing, who used to be a famous star, this salary is pitiful.

“As a formal teacher, you can enjoy three free meals and accommodation,” Xu Qiu coughed twice.

In terms of the salary, she will deposit it first and defer it till half a year later. It’s not that she refuses to donate it; it’s just that the kindergarten’s financial flow is tight right now.

Even if Xu Qiu paid her wages, Jin Xingxing would have nowhere to spend it on this Barren Star.

But Jin Xingxing’s face lit up: “Really, it’s great; I’ll definitely work hard.”

Being positive indicates that Xu Qiu appreciates her efforts, and it also gives Jin Xingxing a greater sense of belonging.

Except for her daughter, the other cubs are a little repulsed by her in such an unfamiliar place. Jin Xingxing, even as an adult, would occasionally feel lost and sad.

Xu Qiu patted Jin Xingxing soothingly: “There will be new employees in our kindergarten in the future.”

Their Barren Star will be built better and better according to the systematic design.

For the time being, living people are not worth considering, and perhaps they can acquire a few teaching robots by then.

Technology has improved to the point that some robots are virtually indistinguishable from humans in appearance.

Xu Qiu remembered something very important.

Jin Xingxing, the big fox, wore clothes as well, but the cubs did not.

Even though they have hair that can cover their private parts, there is no sense in wearing clothes.

Cubs have the right to wear beautiful clothes as well!

Xu Qiu stared down at her clothes, which she just wore back and forth, without any aesthetic sense of design.

She decided to cut off her old clothes and make some simple cub accessories.

Small hats, gloves, and so on.

Because the paper had been temporarily given to Jin Xingxing, Xu Qiu gave the final design drawing to the robot so that they might remodel the house according to her specifications.

Xu Qiu rarely had extra spare time at night.

She didn’t want to watch TV dramas for the time being because of Jin Xingxing, for fear of being caught by another cub parent.

The system inspired the long-lost main quest when Xu Qiu used her plaid material to construct a small cap for the little fox.

For a long time, Xu Qiu has been stuck in the main quest because her character level is insufficient.

[Complete a hat for +100 experience, +1 character level, +20000 gold coin prize, and the opening of the manufacturing workshop]

The manufacturing workshop function is activated. However, it requires the spending of 18888 gold coins, but Xu Qiu can receive the consumption gift.

Consumption gift packs included a large number of materials. The items sold in the system mall are agriculture and pasture-related products; there are no high-tech items.

The system would supply the drawings for robots like these, and Xu Qiu would need to gather resources to create them herself.

None of this is important. The important thing is that the manufacturing workshop includes a 3D printer, and Xu Qiu can make clothes for the cubs out of metal and other materials.

It is to be expected that the content of the cubs’ crafts class will be expanded!

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