The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 38.1

When Xu Yuan got home, she realized how disturbed she had been by her previous actions.

She had been in school for a long time, trusting the CEO of the company with the same feelings she had trusted her teachers. Now that she’s awake, she recognizes that her boss isn’t all that great, but he only views her as a student with no social skills before pressuring her to sign the contract. Normal people sign under the script, but she was signed by a human.

Ai, how can she go to a drinking party with so many men so casually?

Xiao Xu was irritated by her actions. This must be a lesson for her. She must never do such things again.

She was afraid her parents would say something negative about her, but to her surprise, father and mother Xu were extra gentle with her, most likely because they assumed their daughter was in shock.

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