The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 38.2

The girls sat through the hour-and-a-half class, listening to Qiao Huize’s seductive and cold voice as if it were enjoyment. In this class, the assignments were particularly well done, as Qiao Huize would read out the name of the student who had completed the best assignment and had the prettiest handwriting in the last few minutes.

Many students battled to finish their projects, hoping that Qiao Huize would use his voice to whisper their names.

And then they may make a ringtone out of the immortal professor’s voice speaking their name, and they can die without regrets.

Qiao Huize was a nobleman in every way, including his temperament, and he was an excellent professor. He would answer questions for the students in the twenty minutes between classes before leaving.

Xu Yuan went out the back door to use the restroom after seeing that the front was surrounded.

She lingered in the restroom for a long time after going to the restroom to touch up her lipstick, and it was only then that Xu Yuan walked out. She hadn’t gone more than two feet when she heard a voice calling her from behind.

“Xu Yuan.”

Because of this voice, Xu Yuan’s body shook and almost overheated. “Qiao, Professor Qiao…… is there something wrong?” she exclaimed while turning her body around.

Oh my God, was Professor Qiao speaking to her?

Qiao Huize gave her a serious look.

“This month, you’ve missed three of my classes.”

Xu Yuan froze. There were so many students in his class. Did he recall every one of them?

“Right, sorry, professor ……”

It would be fine if it had been another professor who had asked. But when Qiao Huize made this kind of ‘accusation,’ Xiao Xu was so embarrassed that she couldn’t wait to burrow into a crack. Her assignment had not been completed, but Professor Qiao remembered her for missing class, which was simply too embarrassing.

“It’s fine.” Qiao Huize said, “Your breath is out of sync today. Did you come across anything while on leave?”

“Ah, you mean I’m out of shape?” Xu Yuan murmured, “Nothing, nothing. I was just exhausted from going out to film a scene. I’m sorry, professor; I’ll never miss another class again, and I’ll complete my previous assignment.”

“Hmm… If you come across something dangerous, you can contact me,” Qiao Huize said softly.

Before the start of the school year, Qiao Huize, like any other professor, had all of his students memorize his cell phone number. Of course, even with Qiao Huize’s cell phone number in hand, no student is likely to call him.

Xu Yuan gave a clumsy nod. Qiao Huize averted his gaze and moved away from her.

Xiao Xu gazed at Qiao Huize’s back, as though the swinging trench coat was equally lovely and cool.

Xu Yuan blushed and went back to her dormitory, feeling as if she had been dreaming for the past two days.

She ran into the jade-like President Wang yesterday, who offered to help her. Today, Professor Qiao, who is both cold and cool, looked after her.

This drinking episode is also far too worthwhile!

Xiao Xu rolled on the bed, burying her head in the pillow.

She had a dream at night. In her dream, she was holding President Wang in her left hand and Professor Qiao in her right.

Not long after that, Xu Yuan was startled awake.

–They are all good men, and she holds them in the highest regard. They’re an existence she wouldn’t dare imagine, ah.

The author has something to say about it:

Qiao Huize: Please contact me if you are in danger. This teacher is unbeatable throughout the world.

The status is good, others are looking at the face, and Professor Qiao is listening to the breath.

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