Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 39


Gu Weiwei responded a minute later, explaining, “Your brother is in estrus. Find him more girls to quench the fire!”

The thief, Fu Shiqin, turned to face his brother, who was speaking, and asked, “Isn’t it because of you?”

Could it be that his brother was provoked by him and He Chi yesterday, so he went to Mu Weiwei last night to celebrate his love?

Gu Weiwei simply replied, “Goodbye, you have been blocked.”

Xu Qian didn’t appear at the company in a hurry until the meeting was over. “Old Xu, you are never late. Why are you so late today?” Fu Shiqin was astounded.

“I sent the flowers to someone for the boss.” With a smile, Xu Qian responded.

When he mentioned this, executives from other departments who were about to leave the meeting approached him and asked.

“Is the president in love, Second Young Master?”

“Wasn’t the president’s mouth wound bitten by a girl?”

“Assistant Xu, is the girl attractive? Who’s daughter?”

“Nonsense. My brother likes it. Of course, she is gorgeous.” Fu Shiqin said triumphantly, his face as proud as if it was his girlfriend’s.

“Second Young Master, can you tell me which daughter is the girl?” The human resources director smiled flatteringly.

This is their president’s first love, and she may become the future president’s wife.

“The secret must not be made public.” Fu Shiqin coughed mysteriously.

The rumor that the big boss, Fu Hanzheng, was in love quickly traveled throughout the Fu Group’s head office, and when it reached the public relations department, all the female staff went crazy with envy and jealousy.

Meng Ruya missed the morning meeting and didn’t arrive in the office until the afternoon, so she did not know what had happened. “I have things to do in the afternoon. You can do it yourself,” she said after briefly explaining the work to the subordinate staff.

“I just heard Manager Meng answer the phone. Are you going to Mrs. Fu’s?” A female employee expressed her envy.

“Last night Madam said that a friend’s private club would hold an opening ceremony and wanted to take me to dinner there.” Meng Ruya laughed quietly.

“Did Manager Meng spend the night at Fu’s house?” Another female employee asked, in surprise.

“There was a family meal. It was a little late, so I stayed there,” Meng Ruya said with a smile.

She thoroughly hinted at the intimacy of her friendship with the Fu family between the sentences.

“Manager Meng’s morning bouquet… Did the president send it to you?” When a female employee learned that she lived at Fu’s house last night, she immediately related the gossip circulating in the office with her.

Meng Ruya grinned and didn’t admit it, but she also didn’t deny it.

“Manager Meng, just say it. The entire company knows that the president is in love, and he specifically asked Assistant Xu to assist in delivering the flowers early in the morning, and you brought the flowers to the company.”

“You spent last night at Fu’s house. Mrs. Fu has invited you to meet with her again today. Is there going to be any positive news soon?”

“Are you going to be our president’s wife, Manager Meng?”

“Who told you that this flower was given by the president?” Meng Ruya’s elegant and compassionate smile stiffened a little.

“The second young master asked Assistant Xu why he was late for work today, and he directly stated that he assisted the president in sending flowers to his lover.”

“Director Lin also claimed that the president’s mouth was bitten and that he was bitten while kissing someone. You were at Fu’s place yesterday. Who else could it be?”

“All right, let’s get back to work. I need to go pick up my aunt.” Meng Ruya picked up the flower and exited the office, leaving all the jealous looks behind.

The flowers were thrown hard as soon as the door was opened.

She bought this flower specifically as a gift for someone who was about to launch a shop. Fu Hanzheng did not give it, and he did not return to the Fu family’s old house yesterday night.

She had just chased away Mu Weiwei, who was in her way, but now which b*tch is standing in her way?

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