Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 40


Gu Weiwei threw the flowers away after receiving a call from Ji Cheng, who invited her and Luo Qianqian to meet at her house.

Before taking a taxi to Ji Cheng’s place, she and Luo Qianqian met.

The phone rang again on the way, and when it was connected, it was the energetic voice of Mr. Ming Zongyuan.

“Are you in school, Girl Mu?”

“I have something to do. I’m outside.” Gu Weiwei said.

Ming Zongyuan smiled inexplicably. “So, where are you now? I’ll get the driver to come to get you. There is an important person who wishes to meet with you.”

“Ming Lao, I have an appointment in the afternoon and cannot attend.” Gu Weiwei declined.

“Didn’t I tell you about my grandson Xiao Ye last time? He just returned from abroad two days ago, and I’d like to take you to meet him. I already showed him your photo…”

“How did you get my picture?” Gu Weiwei frowned.

“When you visited here the last time, I shot a candid photo.” He continued to praise his grandson vigorously when Ming Zongyuan added, “My Xiao Ye is quite handsome and has a wonderful attitude. He is an architect who has received multiple international awards…”

Gu Weiwei put away the phone and answered, “Ming Lao, Ming Lao, my signal isn’t very good here. What did you say, ah, what did you say…”

Then she quickly hung up the phone and turned it off.

This old man is really early. The last time he declared he wanted her to meet his grandson, she flatly rejected him, and he refused to give up.

After all, she was still a student, and he even wanted her on a blind date before she graduated from high school.

“Whose call is it that scared you like this?” Luo Qianqian asked as Gu Weiwei hung up the phone.

Gu Weiwei scowled in misery. “A strange old man asked me to have a blind date with his grandson without even looking at my age.”

She has recently been looking for a house so that she can move before Fu Hanzheng returns.

If she can’t find it, she can always go to the school dorm.

It’s just that living with Zhou Linna and Zhu Xiaoqin is a little disgusting.

“It’s not a surprise if Ji Cheng calls every day to marry you, and bring you to her house.” Luo Qianqian made a joke.

Ji Cheng had previously been fascinated with the idol Shi Yi. Shi Yi has gone to second place since meeting her.

She is Mu Weiwei’s devoted fan, the type who believes that as soon as she sees her, she will become a star.

Gu Weiwei considered it. Ji Cheng did really match this.

Ji Cheng is a little cutie with mediocre learning abilities, no ambitions, and a cheerful demeanor.

Luo Qianqian is a more reasonable and cold academic tyrant, and her grades have always been in the top ten in her class. She has no idea how the two of them became friends.

They talked the entire time till they arrived at the military compound where Ji Cheng’s residence was located.

Ji Cheng pulled Gu Weiwei into her restroom as soon as she walked in.

 “Great God, I have all the clothes and towels ready. You should take a shower and wash your hair first.”

“I just washed it yesterday,” Gu Weiwei says.

She invites the guests to take a shower as soon as she enters the house. What type of magical greeting is this?

 “Then you can wash it again.” Ji Cheng begged with her hands clasped together.

Gu Weiwei couldn’t stand it any longer and took a shower, washed her hair, and changed into her pajamas per her request.

“Look, isn’t this bracelet very beautiful, as well as this doll and these brooches…” said Ji Cheng as she showed Luo Qianqian her new gift.

Gu Weiwei stared at the beautiful little girls who had made a bed full of the items purchased from abroad.

Luo Qianqian took a look at it and said,

“That’s what you said, the gift brought back by your super powerful and handsome cousin.”

Ji Cheng nodded and removed the jewelry from around her neck.

“There’s also this jewelry that’s engraved.”

When Luo Qianqian looked at it, she noticed that it was engraved in Greek.

 “What does it mean?”

 “You must pass every test.” Ji Cheng said.

Gu Weiwei looked at it, frowned, and returned it to her.

That sentence means you must pass every test: My little angel.

This stupid kid has no idea she’s being teased.

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