I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 45.1

You Qiuqiu made her square dancing debut at the C position. Fortunately, she didn’t dance for long. She had already mastered it entirely, so she effortlessly pushed the boat, gave up the C position, and called Your Mother to come out!

She returned to sit on the flower bed’s edge once more, and this was her last destination.

You Qiuqiu went from lively to calm in an instant. She wasn’t thrilled to be sitting by herself. After all, she was filming a variety show and getting paid, so You Qiuqiu invited the cameraman who was filming.

“You…do you want to come and sit here as well? There are plenty of seats. I’ll wipe it with a tissue for you?” She said it thoughtfully.


When confronted with a courteous request like You Qiuqiu, the cameraman declined.

It’s fine. She can just sit there if she wants. She doesn’t need to be mentally burdened, and he’s still recording, so forget it.

After only one day of recording, the cameraman and the program team who followed You Qiuqiu’s rocket were still ecstatic. They could eat and rest while watching a joyful and rhythmic square dance.

My Daughter’s Observation Diary was not filmed in a single take. After some time, they will shoot again. This episode’s recording is complete, and they will wait for an appropriate moment to film the next one.

During her free time, You Qiuqiu will also record the second season of Leisure Time nonstop.

Regarding the second season of Leisure Time, Big V has revealed the rumors ahead of time on Weibo, and the mood of the faithful fans is improving day by day. You Qiuqiu had overheard the fan support club members discussing picking up the plane.

Shi Jing did not appear in the second season since she had more filming to do. She is now rushing to catch up with the schedule, and she is unable to request time off.

Shi Jing is still disappointed that she was unable to continue recording with You Qiuqiu.

“If you have to film, there’s nothing you can do,” You Qiuqiu consoled her. Isn’t there another scene that needs to be shot?

“But variety shows pay the same as filmmaking!” Shi Jing exclaimed angrily.

You Qiuqiu, “Oh.” Then she doesn’t envy Shi Jing for the time being.

Variety shows only require a few days of filming. The filming period is slightly longer than in Leisure Time, but it is always faster than filming for several months. Because the price is the same, it is not worthwhile.

This time, You Qiuqiu’s journey was not the same as usual. She used to leave alone, but now she has an assistant named Jiang Tao.

Sheng Shiyun sent her to the airport. He warned You Qiuqiu for a long time after she got off the car.

You Qiuqiu the whole process: yes yes yes, yes yes yes.

She was confused because Mr. Sheng didn’t appear to be too old to be nagging at her.

Sheng Shiyun was aware of the woman’s perfunctory attitude. The two of them didn’t say much after he stopped the car, and Sheng Shiyun waved.

Let’s go.

You Qiuqiu took Jiang Tao and pushed her luggage into the airport lobby.

She learned from her previous experience and did not drink much water at the airport this time. She ate half a sandwich and padded her tummy.

She will need to use the restroom frequently if she drinks too much water. That idiot Fang Shubai sent her some kidney treasure pills.

You Qiuqiu, of course, did not eat it because she was scared anything might go wrong.

Not long after You Qiuqiu arrived at the airport, someone approached her, looked at her, and asked, “Are you You Qiuqiu?”

You Qiuqiu was wearing a mask but no sunglasses. After all, being fully equipped is incompatible with her surroundings. Even if others may not identify her as a public person, they can recognize her.

When You Qiuqiu saw other artists at the airport fully armed in the past, she was confused as to why it was so conspicuous. You Qiuqiu learned about it afterward. The artist most likely did this because she wanted others to notice it.

You Qiuqiu was unsurprised when she was recognized and responded, “Yes.”

Before she knew it was You Qiuqiu, the young girl had already taken a packet of beef jerky from her pocket. When she was certain, it was as if she had received a start code, and the food was referred to as incense.


You Qiuqiu was used to it after witnessing it so many times, and she stared alongside the young girl.

“How come you’re alone?”

Why hasn’t the Xingqiu arrived yet?

Could it be that Xingqiu was apprehended by the guard?

Because things like sticks couldn’t be taken in, and everyone intended to get the meat off the sticks before entering the airport, You Qiuqiu knew that Xingqiu prepared roasted pig belly this time.

It can be said that it is very hard.

The young girl who was chewing beef jerky appeared astonished.

“I’m not a Xingqiu.” She motioned with her hand.

You Qiuqiu:??

Why did she understand this process that is exclusive to her and the Xingqiu?

The young girl stated, “I’m just a passerby. I’m not looking for stars. I just came over to see if you were familiar… I saw Ms. You, an enthusiastic citizen, on the hot search, and the barbecue scene was killing me. I swore at the time that if I saw you, I would eat in front of you and be greedy like you!”

She happened to meet You Qiuqiu at the airport today, and she happened to have a package of beef jerky in her pocket, so her desire came true automatically.

You Qiuqiu: … What kind of hatred is this?

She didn’t eat barbecue either.

But it’s not a big issue. It’s not too bad that she’ll be able to fulfill the young girl’s goal. After all, one of the two people is happy to get along.

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