I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 45.3

The program group’s director asked everyone to go to a nearby musical instrument troupe to pick up a musical instrument that was destined for them.

When Dong Tiantian heard this, she opened her mouth and said, “Is there a piano?”

Her neck was slightly lifted, and her face was filled with unrestrained pride. It was clear that she wanted the instrument that she was good at.

Tao Anjie also appeared at ease when he heard this. As a vocalist and musician, he was well-versed in a variety of musical instruments.

Both Lan Xuan and Ma Juan said no.

“I’m somewhat good at violin and piano,” Fang Shubai said, scratching his chin.

He is also an idol, after all.

“Senior sister can play drums,” Fang Shubai said to You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu: “That’s a three-day speedy result.

She would not be able to compare if she wanted to.

“Big Brother doesn’t need a musical instrument. The musical instrument she was destined to, is her voice.” Lan Xuan scoffed.

Tao Anjie grinned as he looked to the side. This is the only way to escape being discovered by You Qiuqiu.

The program’s director smiled mysteriously at the guests who were debating, saying, “You’ll know it when you see it.”

You Qiuqiu had the impression that because it was a country music instrument performance group, there was a good chance there would be no piano or violin.

The group discovered the musical instrument performance group fairly easily, with few detours. The musical instrument group was in an abandoned cinema, and the members were all uncles over the age of 60.

 The leading man: “Draw the red rope and take whichever instrument you get. It’s your destiny.”

Dong Tiantian was eager to try them, so she chose the first one. You Qiuqiu didn’t move. She didn’t mind waiting for everyone to complete the drawing.

Dong Tiantian received the dulcimer rather than the piano she wanted. Her emotions were visible on her face, and she didn’t appear to be in a good mood.

Until she came across Fang Shubai.

“Erhu?” says Fang Shubai. He was utterly dumbfounded.

Erhu is a bit too uncle-like!

Fang Shubai only knew his grandfather’s Erhu. Should he play like his grandpa?

“Sister, your turn.”

Fang Shubai was compelled to accept his fate while clutching the erhu while crying and smiling. He called You Qiuqiu after seeing that everyone had completed the drawing and that there was only one red string remaining. The Cub is still in the minds of Dad fans.

You Qiuqiu, “Here comes.”

She moved over to the red string, grabbed it, and pulled it out.

Everyone in the room was looking at her. People who knew You Qiuqiu assumed she was a lucky one, so it should be a good draw, right?

Only the director, who had known the truth the entire time, was on the verge of laughing. “Make sure to get a nice image of everyone’s expressions,” he told the cameraman.

You Qiuqiu kept pulling the red rope out, and her fated musical instrument came out.

At the scene, there was a brief period of quiet.

Dong Tiantian opened her mouth and frowned.

“What is this?” She grew up in a different country and is unfamiliar with several traditional folk musical instruments.

“If you read it correctly…it appears to be a suona,” You Qiuqiu said.

Yes, You Qiuqiu drew the suona.

So the suona is her destined musical instrument?

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