The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 42.1

Diamond Star is the asteroid that is closest to the Barren Star in a straight line and is inhabited by humans.

In a neighborhood where people live together, a strong-bodied man emerges from an employment agency in a bustling town with a frustrated face.

He shook his head gently in front of his wife’s soft face.

The woman was holding a very small girl. This small child appeared to be around the same age as Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu has an oriental face with delicate features, a baby face, and a petite stature. For many people of a tall race, she looks like a little baby who hasn’t grown up.

And this tiny girl, who is holding a long-eared rabbit doll wielding a whip, is a real little girl who is less than ten years old.

The man immediately lifted the girl. His arms were quite powerful and appeared to be bulging muscles at first glance.

His arm has an odd pattern, and a circle of light green stuff is printed on it, resembling a small little green snake.

“I’ve already grown up, Dad. Please put me down,” the latter exclaimed, slapping the man’s rough but well-defined face with a bunny.

“You’re only ten years old this year, so you’re still a baby.”

The man pricked his daughter’s delicate cheeks with his beard, and he bought a new schoolbag for his lovely daughter on the street.

“School will start in a few days. Remember to study well and listen to the teacher,” he told his daughter.

They are all human, but their spiritual level is quite low because there are so few human bloodlines that they can only survive on this pretty ordinary planet.

As a result, the class continues to use the most primitive teacher-to-student face-to-face teaching method.

After all, children who learn online have no possibility of making friends and do not have strong self-control.

“I see. Dad is being so long-winded, so I went to find Lisa to play with.”

The little girl slipped the bunny inside her new schoolbag and hopped away.

Although the Diamond Star has a lovely name, it is only because the planet’s overall shape is like a diamond.

In the Star Alliance, this star is classified as a low-level planet.

The level of technological advancement on high-level planets and low-level worlds is vastly different. People on the high-level planets are resource-exporting planets that have a dominant position.

What happens to the individuals above, has little to do with ordinary citizens like them.

Everyone’s lives are rather simple, and there are no messy wars to contend with.

For most people, life comprises going to work, earning money, raising children, and watching them grow up to marry and have children.

However, for this very ordinary family, losing jobs and lack of earnings has had a significant impact on the family’s development.

Jasper’s most loved daughter is the small girl, Mary. He has two younger boys and an older son who is married.

Because his wife must care for the children, she can only undertake simple tasks such as weaving flower baskets. Jasper’s work is a significant source of income for the family.

Since the last time he went to Barren Star and returned, he has received notification that he will not be required to travel there in the future, and even Donald, who had recently joined the company, has lost his position.

The spaceship that had been delivered to him would, of course, be taken away. Previously, he could pilot the spaceship, deliver products to others, and do odd jobs. With the loss of work, this channel has been cruelly cut off.

He is not like Donald, who is currently unmarried and has no family to support. The key is to be younger than him and so find it much easier to locate a new job.

Jasper’s stress level skyrocketed, and he attempted to get work through the agency, but their location was merely a little village.

Going to other, more rich planets away from your homeland is not a viable option.

On the one hand, the family is like a strong vine that is firmly attached to Jasper, but this bondage is something he is willing to accept and has no way of breaking free from.

This is also due to a lack of funds to relocate places.

Jasper shook his head as he gazed at his daughter’s back. He turned his head to his wife, who was holding his youngest son, and said, “If that doesn’t work, I’ll go look into logistics or anything. I’ve piloted spaceships before.”

In that situation, the road is often bumpy, and he will be apart from your family for an extended time. But now that the financial pressure has grown, he is powerless to act.

As a result, while strolling down the street, Jasper encountered a familiar face: “Donald?”

“Jasper, where have you been all this time? I went to work looking for you but couldn’t find you.”

The youthful and energetic red-haired youngster greeted him, holding both huge and tiny bags.

He panted over to Jasper, and Donal handed him a handful of candies from his pocket, saying, “Hey, little Boonie, candy for you.”

Little Boonie is a milk doll tied to the back of a woman. This year, he will be one and a half years old.

He brought out some sweets that weren’t especially expensive, and the woman looked at her husband, who nodded.

The woman thanked him and took the sweets.

These candies are presented to the children, and she is hesitant to take them.

“You are rich. Why do you buy so many things?” Jasper asked, looking at the items in Donald’s hands.

“Hey, it’s not for that person who asked us to sell it.”


Jasper an stared at Donald, confused as if he didn’t comprehend what he was saying.

 “It’s xxxx.”

He stated a name, but it sounded like he had typed it in front of everyone else.

Jasper’s pupils dilated unexpectedly, and the dusty memory was untied. He finally remembered his nightmare days as a coolie on Barren Star.

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