The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 42.2

The two of them agreed to help Xu Qiu buy some items and mail them to her.

“But I can’t travel there now that the spaceship has been taken away.”

Jasper chose to be dishonest. He just left that phantom place. He would only return there if his head was flooded.

Donald gazed at him and was stunned. “Don’t you believe there’s anything wrong these days?”

The latter tried hard to remember that he had been hunting for several jobs in the previous several days, but he fainted numerous times and lost his job.

He can go to the doctor for a check-up, and there is no disease.

He also used his resources to pay for treatment at a treatment cabin, which turned out to be ineffective.

Because a lot of money was squandered on medical care and the family’s funds were nearly depleted, the family was unexpectedly pressured.

 “Your arm.”

“You’re like this, and you say you’re normal,” Donald said to Jasper.

Jasper’s face turned pale, and he remembered that the extra design on his arm was poison, not a tattoo.

If the items required by the other party are not carried back in time under the original arrangement, the poison will assault him, and he will die because of the poison.

The treatment cabin was broken, and there was no way for local doctors to examine what was wrong with him.

Perhaps it’s a curse rather than poison.

Snakes are said to be the messengers of the god of death in several stories. If someone disobeyed the gods, they would be cursed.

“What should I do now that the spacecraft has been taken away?”

He had spent practically all of his savings, and there was no way he could afford a new spaceship, even the worst and smallest second-hand ones.

Their planet is reasonably close to Barren Star, but no matter how close it is, driving on the road or using the alliance’s high-tech starship will take a long time.

Ordinary spaceships can also travel for ten days or a half months.

Donald patted him. “I’m wealthy, but I can’t afford it. I’m only able to rent it.”

Jasper and he were in the same boat, and they had someone to look after them on their trip out. On the one hand, Donald didn’t want the unhappy man who shared the good and the bad to die.

It was tied to his own life, and there was no point in dragging it out any longer. Jasper hugged his daughter Mary, kissed his wife, packed his belongings the next day, and left early the next morning with Donal.

The two returned to Barren Star, and this time, the practice had made them perfect. They hurriedly loaded everything into the car and drove up to the front of the kindergarten.

With Xu Qiu’s character upgrade, the kindergarten door has been upgraded to level 2.

The number of defensive and attack robots has not risen, but further transformations and improvements have been carried out following the system’s relevant chips.

The door has more visual features than the previous basic ringing of the doorbell, and the external situation can be clearly viewed from the inside, and the scope is still incredibly wide, not restricted to the three inches of land at the door.

The earlier system also included equivalent monitoring functions, but it required extra energy, whereas the new gate requires only a small amount of solar energy.

That’s true, the majority of the electricity in kindergarten is generated by solar and wind power. The sun shines brightly and the wind blows hard on this planet.

A few miles away from the kindergarten, many wind power stations are now operating.

It happened to be a test week for the cubs when they arrived.

Jin Xingxing, who was resting, came in as Xu Qiu was invigilating the exam.

“Principal, someone from the kindergarten is here,” she remarked softly to Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu tapped the podium: “What are you looking at me for? Look at the exam paper!”

Jin Xingxing kept her voice low since it could distract the cub’s attention.

She pulled Jin Xingxing out and switched on the monitor to see that the two coolies had returned!

They haven’t returned after such a long time, and Xu Qiu has already forgotten.

No one else appeared after glancing at the two people. The car was full of stacks and appeared to be transporting a large number of things.

The two men appear to have swapped cars and are now considerably more broken.

The two people’s good and evil values on the system map were formerly red, but they have now turned green. This suggests that they have no intention of attacking the kindergarten.

Xu Qiu entrusted the opening of the door to the robot assistant.

The two large men were so excited that they couldn’t wait to rush over and break the curse of the little green snake.

As a result, Xu Qiu placed her finger over her lips and said, “Shh, the students are taking examinations. Be quiet.”

“Then how about we move stuff in? These are the items you requested that we buy.”

Donald sold some of the Barren Star delicacies that Xu Qiu had placed in their car for a lot of money, and then he used the money to buy the materials on Xu Qiu’s list.

 Xu Qiu glanced at it, and her expression was relatively calm.

The main reason is that kindergartens’ material conditions are much better now than they were a month ago. She would have been more excited if these goods had appeared unexpectedly a month ago.

“10, 11, 12, you help him by collecting the products, placing them in the old dormitory area. Move lightly, and try not to make any noise.”

After everything was put away, the two parties sat down and tallied the money.

“I’ll transfer the remaining funds to your account.”

“Those are your hard work,” Xu Qiu said as she handed over the kindergarten account and left a fraction to Donald.

Unlike Jin Xingxing, the two men are considered cheap labor by Xu Qiu.

The other party, on the other hand, did so much free coolie that it was barely even.

The Interstellar Coins came without a hitch after the bill was settled.

At this moment, the side mission that has not been moved in a long time is finally accomplished.

[Side quest: complete a small task with other planets. When the transaction total hits 100,000 Interstellar Coins, the trading station feature is activated, and the task rewards 10,000 gold coins and one reward leaflet (white, green, blue, purple, orange) a piece.]

[Because the economy determines the superstructure, please actively build the economy for the development of the Barren Star! The trading building’s opening conditions, completing a transaction with other planets, and having the transaction amount reach 1,000,000 Interstellar coins.]

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