The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 39.1

Jing Yuan appears to be content as an idler to be always free.

He was in charge of others in his previous life, but this life at home as a family dweller felt nice.

 In fact, it’s not that Jing Yuan has nothing to do. His business colleague in M countries has always wanted to collaborate with him. After all, the end of the year is nearing, and they need to outperform their previous performance. On the other hand, Jing Yuan is resolute about letting go of the past. His previous business was too risky. He doesn’t want his family to be pulled down with him now that he returned.

But, seeing his brother so enthused, he got a little itchy. Jing Yuan squatted at the grass’s edge and smoked his last cigarette.

What is the best course of action?

Jing Yuan’s little minion in China sent him a V letter around this time.1

Little minion: You pay us every month, but don’t provide us with work, boss. Everyone is extremely embarrassed. It’s fine if you want to take a break or simply leave us without pay.

Jing Yuan also has many subordinates in P City. Otherwise, the previous investigation and tracking of Xiu Lingfei and the Longteng organization would have been much more difficult. He is accustomed to having complete control over everything. Originally, he appeared to know everything in M country’s border town.

It was the same in P City. His subordinates are scattered around the city. Jing Yuan has let them go to find other work but continues to pay them.

Jing Yuan pondered it.

What is there that isn’t dangerous, evil, or illegal?

Even if he broke his skull, he couldn’t think of anything positive. Basically, all he could do was sit in the office and make no sense. He is unable to do anything he wants.

 P City is far too dull.

In their V letter group, Jing Yuan sent a message.

Jing Yuan: Think of something that’s not too bad but also enjoyable for me to do. Don’t even think of sitting in the office. Those who follow my instructions will be rewarded.

The group was upbeat, but the minions were deep in thought.

He still didn’t get any useful suggestions after a while. Jing Yuan was fidgeting with his phone when he heard meowing from the lawn.

As soon as he looked up, he noticed the little black cat purring at him from the other side of the fence.

Jing Yuan gave a cheerful smile. “Huang, come here. Do you want to eat Jing Xuan’s dinner again?”

The little black cat stretched, meowed, and dashed over to Jing Yuan. Jing Yuan loves cats. However, due to his previous life as an emperor, he did not even raise them. He can now see the cat, he naturally likes them. He took the kitten in his arms and made his way back to the villa. Surprisingly, as soon as he approached the door, the kitten rolled over, hopped down, and rushed away.

This kitten has a free-spirited heart.

Jing Yuan didn’t push it either. He strolled inside the villa, activated the smart control panel on the wall, and turned on the TV when the phone rang again.

The person who called him was yet another minion. “Boss, I’ve got an idea.”

“Tell me about it.” Jing Yuan lowered his gaze to change his slippers.

“You see, one of our earliest businesses was selling intelligence, wasn’t it?” The younger minion said, “But because we can’t sell intelligence here, we can switch gears and become a detective instead. It is safe to start an office for affairs investigation.”


Jing Yuan paused for a moment to reflect. These two jobs appear to be interchangeable. Isn’t a detective’s job to investigate and sell information?

It could be an option.

He hung up the phone, fetched a bottle of wine from the refrigerator, and sat on the sofa, just in time to see the president of Country A attend a ceremony of some sort on the news international channel.

Jing Yuan was instantly inspired as he glanced at the TV screen.

It’s entertaining, not illegal, and it’s not in the office industry. He may start his own private security company, ah.

At the moment, the market for bodyguard businesses is unequal. Almost all of many celebrities’ bodyguards come from two or three major private companies, while other bodyguard companies are hardly unknown.

When he thinks about it, this employment field is incredibly intriguing, legitimate, and exciting. With his approach, a year would be nearly enough to start the business. After all, the minions are all ready-made, and the company can be launched quickly.

Jing Yuan had discovered something for himself and was going through it. He took his little minions to see the site selection in the afternoon.

Jiang Shining is having a meeting in the company. There would be many large and small meetings at the end of the year.

When her phone vibrated, the manager was reporting on her work. When she opened it, the V letter group of the 4T group rang.

Following the announcement made a few days ago, the four young fresh meat returned to rehearse and dance to their new music. And, on the side, they were on the group chat, bragging about their recent outstanding work. Jiang Shining opened her mouth and noticed that they were seeking praise.

She does not know what the connection between artists and bosses is like in other companies, but the four kids in the group clearly treat her like a parent-boss, or rather, an elementary school student yearning to be recognized in front of their teacher.

The lead dancer for the group: Chief Ning, the seniors appreciated us the last time we performed a show!

The main vocalist of the group: But we remembered your comments and stopped being arrogant and impatient, so we acted calmly!

The group’s center Cub: Yes, the captain is also good. When we can’t get out of bed in the morning, he’ll drown us in water and spray us. Can you look after him, President Ning? [(⊙ ◎)]

Captain of the team:…… [(◕‿◕)] This type of thing does not need to be said.

Jiang Shining hooked the corner of her mouth.

Her sons are mostly grown up and mature. So looking at these lively ten-year-old youth is a real pleasure.

Jiang Shining: Your contributions can be evident in the company’s earnings.

The four kowtowing youngsters are: Hahahahaha

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  1. Others claim that the V letter is the same as WeChat.

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