The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 39.2

Being a celebrity can bring them a lot of money. Except for one whose family is good, the remaining three fresh meats are grass-roots. However, these adult boys can now afford to buy vehicles and houses for their families.

Boys: Ms. Ning, we will work hard next year to make more money! More notices will be sent by the boss.

Jiang Shining: Work should be relaxed and unhurried. Being fatigued depletes your spiritual vitality as well. It’s all right now.

Jiang Shining brought over the timetable for the four sons this month after hanging up the phone. It’s no surprise that they’ve returned to dance practice. Their new song’s music video will begin filming today.

She just went to see them and brought Zou Yu along with her.

The four people were already in the shed when Jiang Shining arrived in the afternoon, and the director appeared to be chatting with them.

The MV this time is mostly about first love, greenness, and simplicity. As a result, the four young people wore white light-colored tops in a variety of styles, displaying a youthful look.

The classic first love expression on Zou Yu’s face.

It’s ideal.

The four cubs became more serious as they spotted Jiang Shining approaching during the afternoon shot. Although it was the first day of shooting, the progress was impressive.

Jiang Shining had planned to meet them at the restaurant in the company at night, but the director stated that the scenery was beautiful tonight and that he would take them to the mountain to shoot the night scene. Because the task was important, Jiang Shining, and the others agreed to meet again when the MV was completed.

In the evening, her assistant called to tell her that Mu Xu, Zou Yu’s target actor, had agreed to appear in their show. The only thing that needs to be changed is the schedule. It is best to arrange a specific time now as soon as possible.

Waiting for other stars to respond, scheduling, and the script and process of variety shows must all be done with care.

She looked up again after she finished my task. It was already 7:30 p.m.

Jiang Shining drove back home, and as she opened the door, there was a strong aroma of rice which Jing Yuan had just completed preparing. He was the only one in the room, and it appeared that Jing Xuan had not returned.

“You two have a lot on your plate.” Jing Yuan murmured, cleaned his hands, and approached Jiang Shining to remove her coat and bag.

Jiang Shining gazed at the dinner table, where five dishes, one soup, and a salad had been prepared.

“Has Jing Xuan returned yet? Call him, it would be cold if he came later,” Jiang Shining remarked.

 “That’s right, I’ll give the cat his portion.” Jing Yuan grinned.

The oven’s reminder sounded behind him. Jing Yuan turned around to open the oven and remove the contents with gloves.

“What exactly did you do?”

“I’m making cakes and egg tarts for Guoguo.” Jing Yuan stated matter-of-factly.

Is it really good to stay at home like this as a former emperor?

Jiang Shining is relieved that the child has grown up and is reliable. Guoguo, who had smelled the cake, ran out from upstairs just as Jing Yuan placed it on the table.

“Mom! I miss you so much!” she said to Jiang Shining.

Then she dashed to the table.

Jing Yuan’s hands moved quickly, and he snatched Guoguo’s collar like a kitten.

“First, wash your hands.”

The little girl dashed to the bathroom to wash her hands once more.

Jiang Shining cleaned her hands in the same area where the veggies were washed, and Jing Yuan reached for a piece of paper for her.

“I’ve decided what I’m going to do. However, it is most likely up to you.”

“What are your plans?” Jiang Shining washed her hands and asked.

“I’d like to start a private bodyguard company. What do you think?” Jing Yuan asked.

Jiang Shining thought this was an excellent idea because, with Jing Yuan’s personality, he could never adjust to a calm lifestyle. Allowing him to develop a company to train others can also burn spare energy, allowing him to avoid making excuses every day to ‘talk’ with Jing Xuan.

“I believe it is very good.” Jiang Shining said, “When your first batch of subordinates is ready, you will be able to replace all the artists’ bodyguards in my company. If I promote it to a few business acquaintances, you’ll be a half step closer to joining this circle.”

Obviously, Jing Yuan felt the same way.

While the two were discussing, the door was opened again, and Jing Xuan strolled in with the night’s air.

“I’m going home late again today.” As he pulled off his jacket, he muttered helplessly, “At the end of the year, the company is overburdened. What are you on about?”

“Jing Yuan is planning to start a private bodyguard company. This way, he won’t trouble you in your company,” Jiang Shining smiled.

“Does your company need it?” Jing Yuan raised the corner of his mouth.

“Our company is in the video industry. Why do we need bodyguards?” Jing Xuan laughed as he changed his shoes. “That’s not too bad. I can save your basic income. You have something to do, so you don’t need to be called cleaner in my company, do you?”

“No, I call it suspension, and it must be paid as well.”

These two guys are arguing about basic pay, and one of them buys a private plane on the spur of the moment, while the other wants to establish a company and can immediately invest in a venue. It’s not awful, so he has to save the poor one or two thousand yuan for fighting.

“Don’t get into a fight. We were having dinner together.” Jiang Shining, seeing that the two of them were endless, interjected helplessly.

“Clean your hands!” Guoguo, who was already seated at the table, responded promptly.

“OK, I’ll wash my hands,” Jing Xuan said with a smile.

The family was seated around the table, which was rather lively. The sound of plates and chopsticks could be heard all the time.

“You can start a business, but I have a requirement.” Jing Xuan said.

“What is your request?” Jing Yuan raised his brow.

“You still have to be responsible for dinner.” Jing Xuan laughed and said, “This way my basic salary won’t go to waste.”

Jing Yuan felt the same way. Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan must now work till it is dark. If he does not return home, it will be too late to prepare dinner.

“Okay.” Jing Yuan chuckled, “Do you need a lunch box at noon, Boss Wang? Would you like me to deliver it to you?”

“Are you sure?” At that moment, Jing Xuan was taken aback. Thinking that Jing Yuan still has such a homely side.

“If you really eat it, I will dare to do it.”

“I’ll eat it if you do it!”

Because of this petty matter, the two brothers appear to be feuding. The next morning, Jing Yuan gave Jing Xuan a pink cat lunch box before he left for work.

“Please accept it. Love bento.” Jing Yuan said innocently.

Jing Xuan:…

Jing Xuan: “You can’t grab Guoguo’s lunch box!”

The author has something to say: don’t be in a hurry, the Royal Brothers plot isn’t over yet. The Sword Saint, on the other hand, will have to wait until the Young Marshal appears (cover your face)

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